2019 might just be the year of cannabis.

Matt Badiali agrees. He told his Real Wealth Strategist readers on Thursday that cannabis is “the best bull market in natural resources right now.”

Investors are pouring more money into the coffers of marijuana growers, suppliers and other industry players.

Pot’s rapid growth has attracted the attention of investment powerhouses such as Merrill Lynch.

The market capitalizations of two industry-leading stocks, The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (Toronto: TGOD) and Hexo Corp. (NYSE: HEXO), are now close to the billions.

But the sector still faces major hurdles. State legislatures across the country are deciding its legal fate.

The Food and Drug Administration still prohibits adding marijuana compounds to food and beverages. And this remains the case despite the expansive scope of President Trump’s Farm Bill.

All these factors make traders concerned about the sector’s future growth.

Even with this uncertainty, most analysts agree on one thing — pot will form a strong stock trend in the coming years.

Alpha Investor Report guru Charles Mizrahi understands why the sector’s early growing pains make many pot stocks hard to trade.

But in the next few years, one big development will completely usher it into the mainstream:

Very few pot stocks are making money. That’s why I think it’s best to wait for the market bubble in pot stocks to pop. Then you can see which companies are left standing. Marijuana might be a strong trend over the next several years, but there’s no guarantee companies will make money in that industry. The best way to play the trend is with companies that will indirectly benefit from it.

Charles recommends one “indirect” play on cannabis you won’t want to miss. He trusts it will bring you profits for years to come.

It’s a cannabis play that promises gains no matter where the sector heads. It could deliver five times your original investment … but few people even know it exists!

Internal analyst Anthony Planas thinks that pot-infused products such as energy drinks, craft beers and more represent key areas of growth for the sector.

You might have already checked out his Marijuana Markets: A POTcast. Each week, he recaps the hottest trends in cannabis stocks. He also looks ahead to the sector’s latest innovations.

This week, Anthony told readers about a new player in pot-infused snacks. Mondelez International Inc. (Nasdaq: MDLZ), the snackmaker behind Oreos, is working on its own line of CBD-infused products.

As you may know, CBD is the nonpsychoactive component of cannabis. It doesn’t alter one’s consciousness and has proven therapeutic properties.

CBD-infused snacks could open this sector to people of all ages!

Mondelez is just one such proven winner that Anthony is tracking. “Pot-adjacent” stocks like this may pave the way for more North American traders to jump into the pot boom.

You can take in all of Anthony’s commentary by clicking the image below.

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