“Look, I know it isn’t a popular opinion, but don’t buy a house right now.”

The speaker was a tall, blondish, surfer-looking guy. He had an aw-shucks kind of attitude most days, but today he was serious.

“Don’t talk about it, OK? Because the town is all about real estate right now. They will think you are nuts. But something bad is coming…”

That was back in 2005. It marked the first bit of financial advice I ever received from Dr. Steve Sjuggerud. It was also the first of many times he was correct, but unpopular.

But he saw the 2008 real estate market collapse coming … and I was both witness and beneficiary.

After talking to him recently, I know he’s correct about another massive trend coming our way … and he’s revealing it in a new, innovative way.

What I Learned From the “Off-Wall-Street” Investment Hero

I sat next to Steve for about 11 years. He is probably the most grounded millionaire you’ll ever meet.

But his string of successes equals any Wall Street hero you want to name … Paul Tudor Jones, Marty Schwartz, Seth Klarman, even Warren Buffett.

And if he wanted that kind of fame, he could have had it at any of the big investment banks.

But he never wanted the Wall Street life…

He ran a small fund for a while. He was a stockbroker. He even ran research for a private investment group. He got his taste of the big-money, go-go lifestyle. But he found it dissatisfying.

What he really wanted to do was help people. He wanted to empower regular investors. He wanted them to have good information to make sound investments.

That was his mission then, and that was his pitch to me.

He recruited me to the financial industry back in 2004, while I was a research scientist working toward a Ph.D. in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

He told me that the financial newsletter industry was at a pivotal moment. The explosion of internet stockbrokers brought a flood of brand-new investors into the market. But there was a serious lack of good information.

The good stuff was behind a massive, five-figure pay wall — the hard-to-find data like purchasing trends or metal prices. And the free stuff was either a scam or just stupid.

He and his partners wanted to bring hedge fund-quality financial research to the average retail investor — folks like our parents.

That’s why I came on board … putting myself on the path that would eventually bring me to Banyan Hill Publishing. I used what I learned from Steve to help my readers make some truly huge gains.

And it all started because I got to see exactly what a true market wizard looks like.

If It’s Cheap and Wall Street Hates It, That’s Where He’ll Be Making Money

You have to see the New Money movie to believe the opportunity.

I watched as Steve fearlessly invested in India … when no one on Wall Street wanted anything to do with it. Major companies there traded for just two or three times the value of their equipment … let alone the value of the business.

It was too cheap. It was on the rise … and Steve got there ahead of everyone else. He wrote about it. He talked about it at conferences. And he brought experts with him to tell the story.

Most investors hated the idea. They were afraid of India. It was too foreign … but that didn’t stop Steve.

He went to India, met with some experts and invested. One year later, they sent him back double what he’d invested … after fees.

Then in 2009 or 2010, he began to buy up real estate. He was convinced that you could buy beachfront property at fire-sale prices. And he did.

He told his readers about it for months, years even. And I met many who took his advice and got rich. One in particular lives solely off the income from his portfolio of houses.

He told me that he bought them at Steve’s urging. It was the research that gave this reader the conviction to buy real estate when nearly every other person was selling…

By the way, that reader … lives in London!

So I want to give you a heads-up on another wealth-making opportunity on Steve’s radar…

Steve Has a New Trend — His Biggest One Yet

Just last week, Steve sent me his most ambitious project yet. Once again, it isn’t a popular opinion. And once again, he’s going to make people a lot of money.

Here’s the thing … he’s made the story into a movie.

It’s not hype. It’s a classic Sjuggerud investment story. The cinematography tells the story as much as his narration.

It features interviews with some Wall Street titans you know, such as Jim Rogers. But Steve also interviews some of the best minds that you’ve never heard of.

In the movie, you will see how Steve surrounds himself with the smartest people in the space — the people who know the system and know how to profit. He shows us what he calls “the biggest opportunity of my lifetime.”

It’s all laid out in his movie, New Money.

The movie is insightful. It’s vibrant. It will make you look at this subject in a whole different way. It’s classic Sjuggerud in a new and vivid format. I loved it, and I think you will too.

And best of all, it will probably make you a lot of money.

Good investing,

Matt Badiali

Editor, Real Wealth Strategist

P.S. To rent Steve’s New Money movie, click here now.