Over the past few weeks, we’ve hinted about a new trading system from Matt Badiali, the editor of Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits.

You likely know Matt’s spent years researching the most profitable trends in natural resources and commodities.

That deep knowledge has proven true one axiom of the broader markets.

You see, these sectors follow common cycles of profit and loss. They’re shaped by seasonal uptrends and regular dips.

Prices for gold, silver, copper and more move with the smallest shifts in supply and demand.

The big takeaway here — these sectors are predictable.

And with predictable trends come massive opportunities for profits! Especially when you have a profit accelerator on your side…

That’s where Matt’s Apex Profit Summit comes in.

Matt and senior analyst John Ross combined the most effective technical indicators into one proprietary indicator that filters out all unnecessary information. It tells them the best stocks to buy at any given moment.

Take a look:

This indicator is one of a kind.

After spending 15 months and $2.5 million perfecting the strategy, the results are astounding!

Matt and John rolled it out to a small group of their most elite subscribers. They’ve been using it to send them recommendations for the past several months.

For instance, they recommended one trade to track the bullish move in gold prices. That was back in December 2018.

In under two months, that trade yielded a gain of 70% on the first half of the trade. And just weeks later, readers grabbed a 155% gain on the second half!

With each successful trade, Matt and John bring readers the chance to profit from these trends.

And we’re excited to finally share this system with you!

On Tuesday, July 23 at 1 p.m. Eastern time, Matt is hosting the free Apex Profit Summit.

This is your chance to learn everything about the system responsible for multiple triple-digit gains since the beginning of the year.

But there’s more to this offer!

Sign up today, and you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing to receive a full year of Banyan Hill’s latest research service for free.

That’s a $5,000 value. Matt is excited to bring you this unique opportunity!

And today, we’re giving all our Winning Investor Daily readers access to this limited-time offer. But you’ve got to act fast!

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Our experts keep a close eye on the markets. They want to make sure they can offer the best trading advice.

Read on to see the topics they’re following this week.


The Winning Investor Daily Team


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