Higher prices, supply chain disruptions and mask-wearing are now a part of everyday life.

With new variants like Omicron, there’s never going to be a dull moment.

We need to adapt to this changing world. And that goes for businesses, too.

If they can’t adjust, they’ll end up going out of business. But for the ones that figure it out … well, the world is their oyster.

I recently revealed who those winners will be in an interview on Real America’s Voice.

Host Steve Gruber and I talked about how the new normal will impact businesses and who the winners will be. And of course, I didn’t pull any punches.

You’ll want to hear my Real Talk in this interview. Check it out by clicking here or the play button below.

real america's voice interview charles mizrahi

“Vaccines Aren’t Sexy”

Moderna is a great example of a company that figured out how to adapt as COVID-19 spread to every corner of the earth.

Back in 2020, people told Moderna not to go into vaccines because it wasn’t a sexy business.

But today, it’s a $122 billion company that’s sitting on piles of cash. Its CEO is a billionaire.

Award-winning journalist Gregory Zuckerman did a deep dive on Moderna, Pfizer and BioNTech and their race to develop a COVID vaccine.

Gregory Zuckerman The Charles Mizrahi Show

So, I invited Gregory to discuss what went right during the research and development of some of the greatest contributions to modern science.

You won’t want to miss my conversation with him on these companies that figured out how to survive and thrive.

CLICK HERE to listen now!

Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi

Founder, Alpha Investor

Real Talk, Real Readers

Yesterday, you wrote in about keeping a level head during market swings…

From Doug D.: Charles, I think it’s your constant reminder to not worry about the short term and focus on the soundness of the companies you recommend that has helped me the most so far.

I’m a very small investor compared to most and not financially able to take big swings at some of the companies you have recommended. A single-income family of six requires a pretty sharp review of where the dollars are being spent. So for now, I’m looking at your recommendations trading under $50 and seeing when they take a dip.

My main goal for now is to get a better return investing based on your recommendations than I do with the 401(k) I have through my employer. If I can do that, then I hope to make bigger investments in the future.

Thanks for what you do! It gives the little guys like me hope that we too can achieve great returns, and provide a more secure financial future for our families.

From Bill C.: Hello Charles, I like your new newsletter. I am an Alpha Investor and keeping some cash on the sidelines waiting for pullbacks. I appreciate your insight and updates on stocks in the portfolio. The links are great as well.

I’ve picked up more shares of a few companies in the portfolio on Friday’s pullback and pullbacks from earlier in the month. Keep up the good work and thanks!

What’s Your New Normal?

Lina here, Charles’ senior managing editor.

Our team has been adapting to the pandemic in a lot of ways.

For example, I’ve used the extra time during lockdowns to help manage my family’s architecture firm.

And in the Alpha Investor model portfolio, Charles has been looking to add companies that have essential businesses and pricing power. They’ll be able to raise prices and still see profits without losing customers.

So, we want to hear from you. What does your new normal look like? Which ways are you adjusting to Omicron?

Write in at RealTalk@BanyanHill.com and let us know!

— Lina Lee, Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk