So far in my life, I’ve had the pleasure to visit over 80 countries on this planet. But I never thought I’d set foot in the South American nation of Uruguay.

Young me dreamt of places better-known. Places where big history had been made. Places where people would recognize my achievement in having set foot there … because they knew about them too, and why they were significant.

But Uruguay? What ever happened there?

The answer is: Not much … and that’s why it’s such a wonderful place.

During the 20th century, whilst the rest of the world has fought wars, liberated itself from colonialism, endured revolution and generally made a big deal of itself, Uruguay has kept quiet.

Out of the way. Peaceful … inoffensive … and prosperous.

And then there’s this: If you went to Uruguay tomorrow, went to a government office and applied to live there permanently, you could remain there as long as you like. Approval would be guaranteed (unless there was something seriously wrong with you).

That’s because Uruguay is the only country on the planet that grants foreigners the right to immigrate. Uruguayan bureaucrats have no option: If you qualify, you’re in, and that’s that.

You should very much want to be “in” … and if you join me on a very special tour in the first week of April, you can see why, firsthand.

Peace of Mind in South America — Uruguay

They call Uruguay the Switzerland of South America. That particular shoe fits, except for the fact that Uruguay’s south coast is known as the Riviera of the Southern Hemisphere. Last time I checked, Switzerland had no world-class beach resorts.

So what’s the big deal?

I’ve already mentioned that Uruguay is the only country in the world whose constitution guarantees that any qualified foreigner wishing to become a resident or citizen may do so. But here are some other interesting facts:

  • Uruguay’s level of development is the highest in Latin America. The standard of living far surpasses other countries in the region. For all intents and purposes, Uruguay is a first-world country.
  • Uruguay is one of the friendliest countries on the planet for foreign investors and their money. There are no limitations on the import or export of money or capital. Its banks are the safest in Latin America and are happy to work with Americans. Taxes are low, and foreigners aren’t double-taxed.
  • Residential property in Uruguay is an extremely good value. Oceanfront houses and apartments … rural farmhouses and cottages … golf estates … colonial townhouses … Uruguay has it all, at dramatically lower prices than any comparable country.
  • Uruguay has the most productive and profitable farmland in the world — and it’s looking for investors, from passive land syndicates to hands-on farmers. (Psst … where else can you make 12% profit annually with minimal risk?)

Just imagine it. You could buy a beachside house or apartment in South America’s most popular summer resort. The rent you get from two months in summer (which is in our winter) would pay your living costs the other 10 months of the year.

Or you could buy a cattle farm … or a soybean farm … or some forestry land … and rent it out to a tenant cash-up-front, or hire a farm manager to run it, and enjoy both 5% to 12% annual profits and incredible appreciation in land values.

Or you could just become a Uruguayan resident, and then after three to five years, a citizen, and have the peace of mind that I do as a person with a second passport.

Join Me in Punta in April!

I’m a friendly guy. I make friends easily. I have some Uruguayan friends.

My friends are hosting a special tour for people interested in living and/or investing in their country. As I’ve explained, the country seeks and welcomes foreign immigrants and investors, in both real estate and farming. That includes retirees, and those looking for a quiet, safe place to retire in the future.

But I’m not telling you about this as a favor to my Uruguayan friends.

I’m telling you because I believe that Uruguay is one of the most incredible — and little-known! — opportunities on the planet. It’s an opportunity that I know suits the sort of person who reads my Bauman Letter.

So go to, and check out the opportunity yourself. Or email, and ask that they send you the details.

And join me April 3-7 for the opportunity of a lifetime!

Kind regards,

Ted Bauman

Editor, The Bauman Letter

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