Dow 20,000 was a historic moment.

Whenever the Dow Jones Industrial Average crosses milestones as monumental as a nice, round number, it’s something to be excited about.

But at some point that excitement will temper. The excitement over a new president of the United States will temper. And the stock market’s expectations will temper as well.

This will lead to a correction, and I believe it may be in the cards sooner than most expect.

Right now things are going smoothly, but if President Donald Trump hits a road block or approaches one of his growth issues in a manner Mr. Market disagrees with, that could be what triggers a correction in the coming weeks.

I bring this up because even though the Trump rally was phenomenal to experience — up 10% in just over two months since the election, tackling the historic level of Dow 20,000 — it hasn’t done much at all since mid-December. Take a look:




You can see that after the initial 7% to 8% rally that lasted just over a month, things began to slow down. And for the last month and a half, investors have failed to make any real advances in the broad market other than topping the famous “Dow 20,000.”

I’m keeping an eye on that 19,700 level. A dip below that would signal a correction is imminent.

Failure to break below that level means we are either in for another leg higher, or continued sideways action for a little longer.


Chad Shoop, CMT

Editor, Automatic Profits Alert

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