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  • Trying to predict a stock’s earnings-based performance is like gambling … and it can cost you a lot of money.
  • This revolutionary strategy can help you learn how to make money after companies report earnings. But we’ve had such a high number of requests, this sign-up window is closing today.
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“Elon’s gonna blow it — I can feel it.”

I was skeptical about my friend’s statement — let’s call him Brad.

We were discussing Tesla’s upcoming third-quarter report. (NASDAQ:TSLA)

I didn’t have a strong opinion one way or another. Tesla seems to defy expectations at every turn — good or bad.

Betting on earnings is one of the worst investing habits. Every quarter, investors speculate on stocks’ performance ahead of earnings reports.

Speculators read through countless blogs from equally uninformed market players about what the next earnings beat or miss will be.

It’s a futile exercise. Staking your claim on the unknown will work out as many times as it fails. It’s pure gambling.

But there is a way to profit from these earnings upsets after the fact. And I’m excited to tell you how, with my colleague’s strategy, you can sidestep the risk and still capture huge gains.

But first, let me explain why.

Betting on Stocks’ Behavior — It’s a Hit or Miss

Markets are always trying to price in the future. Each piece of news adds to what we know.

And markets quickly gobble up these bits of news to adjust for future expectations.

Economists are infamous for believing that markets are perfect machines for digesting this new information. They call it the market efficiency hypothesis.

According to these ivory-tower stalwarts, it’s impossible to act on a piece of news after it comes out to eke out a profit.

But that’s all nonsense.

I spent years toiling away in academia. There is an underlying assumption that all participants are fully aware of their surroundings.

Every decision is made with absolute knowledge and a clear cost-benefit analysis.

Now, take a moment and consider if your life follows these assumptions.

I didn’t think so. Thankfully. you aren’t alone.

None of us are that prescient. Not even the “all-seeing” stock market — with millions of participants — is 100% efficient.

This simple fact allows us to invest after earnings and still make triple-digit gains. In other words, you don’t have to risk losing money chasing big one-day price moves.

And the strategy I want to tell you about shows you how to use the price movement of a stock — and have a consistently profitable way to trade it.

Make Your Trades Less Risky — Profit After Earnings

Now, let me tell you about this strategy!

My colleague Chad Shoop spotted this amazing opportunity in the market.  He developed a system that allows him to make profitable trades after companies report earnings.

His proprietary system allows him to help you make your trading less risky and more profitable.

You see, his system takes advantage of the day after earnings, because the move that follows that initial surge is more predictable — and it’s still profitable.

In the case of Tesla, he didn’t waste any energy trying to predict what the actual earnings would be. Instead, he waited until after the carmaker announced its report.

Having made gains on five out of six of Tesla’s last earnings triggers, he knew exactly how to play the stock.

In just three weeks, he locked in a gain of 135.5%!

It’s not rare for his system to make triple-digit gains. His previous trade on Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) booked a 180.2% gain.

These are just a couple of examples of his profitable track record. But you have to act fast to learn about this strategy. There’s been a high number of subscribers, and this window is closing today.

This is your chance to gain access to Chad’s service and see what readers can’t stop raving about.

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Banyan testimonial

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