This week, we shared some of the best Sovereign Investor Daily articles of 2019.

It was a busy week because of the holidays, though … so you might have missed some of them.

They’re all great articles. So in case you didn’t have time to keep up with your email inbox this week, I wanted to give you a chance today to get caught up.


What the Government Shutdown Means for the Next Recession
An estimated 800,000 federal workers have missed at least one paycheck due to the partial government shutdown. Another estimated 1.2 million federal contractors have also missed paychecks.

Now, some federal workers are Uber drivers. Some are substitute teachers.

Thousands are turning to food banks. Some face medical crises. Others are delaying medical care.

The news is depressing. But it’s small compared to what lies ahead.


The Internet’s About to Explode in Latin America

Here’s something else to think about…

The U.S. market is largely tapped out when it comes to finding investment ideas that aren’t already at or past their peak growth, and fully (or over-) valued in price.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to explore a bit off the beaten path, you find plenty of undervalued, little-known stocks growing by leaps and bounds if you extend your vision beyond just the U.S. (and perhaps China and Europe).

Latin America is a great example.


2 Great Real Estate Stocks for the New Year [UPDATE]

I visited Henry Flagler’s opulent AAA Five Diamond resort this year. I was there to meet with a group of well-connected folks in the world of real estate.

What I learned there would have made Flagler proud. Even better, it can help your portfolio in the new year too…

And it’s this: Commercial real estate is the place to invest in 2020. A few factors are creating an ideal investment scenario.

That means now is the perfect time to get in, and I have two ways to trade it right now.


JPMorgan Chase’s New Cryptocurrency Takes Aim at Bitcoin
When bitcoin’s bear market ensued last year, its price dropped 85% to $3,200.
The bankers were surely laughing at bitcoin enthusiasts’ misfortune.
Behind the scenes, however, a cohort were busy building a rival to bitcoin’s technology.
And this means the fight has just begun.


Ted Bauman also had an important announcement on Wednesday.

You may have missed it. After all, I don’t exactly expect everyone to spend their Christmas Day reading financial newsletters.

So, just in case you didn’t see it, here’s what Ted had to say…


Introducing Bauman Daily: Your New Free Daily Publication

With Bauman Daily, my team is going to bring you our combined decades of experience in investing and economics.

It’s a newsletter written by sensible investors for sensible investors.

It’s not just pie-in-the-sky promises about the next great thing that may or may not pay out.

It’s honest-to-goodness analysis of real opportunities that are in front of you right now … opportunities that are specifically chosen to maximize your gains and minimize your risks.


We hope you enjoyed this year’s Sovereign Investor Daily articles!

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Jay Goldberg

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