Just before clicking the “buy” button, does that feeling of anxiety ever set in?

I’ve felt it a little more lately, and I’m sure many others have as well.

The current market conditions have set up a constant tug of war between greed and fear.

On one side, the stock market continues to claw its way higher. Central banks around the world are printing money like never before and are backstopping riskier forms of assets.

That’s a terrific combination for stocks.

At the same time, the pandemic that has led to the worst economic decline since the Great Depression is only worsening … and it threatens to derail the green shoots of recovery seen recently.

In these unprecedented times, that feeling of anxiety is only natural.

That’s why it’s key is to have a sound investment process … one that removes the emotional aspects of stock picking.

Stick to a well-defined system and you can uncover terrific opportunities.

Not to mention it allows you to tune out the headlines and sharp market movements.

Today I’ll share the basics of the process I use to find winning stocks in an uncertain environment.

My Blueprint for Picking Stocks

There are three main steps to my process:

No. 1: Start with the big picture. What key trend is in the works that could serve as a distinct catalyst?

This could be an emerging technology like 5G networks. Or it could be a demographic trend like the growing segment of first-time homebuyers.

No. 2: Pinpoint the companies best positioned to leverage the catalyst that you’ve identified.

Semiconductor companies are primed to benefit from 5G networks and related devices. And there are single-family homebuilders that cater specifically to a huge segment of the population poised to become homeowners for the first time.

No. 3: Time your purchase correctly. I’m not talking about timing the stock market. Instead, follow individual stock prices for signs of a breakout from a period of sideways trading.

When you see a breakout above a resistance level, it means large institutional investors are starting to realize what you’ve discovered. And their buying power can send stock prices exploding higher.

Here’s 1 You Can Buy Now

If you’ve read my past articles, then you know I’m a fan of the health care sector. One reason is that demographic trends are a long-term tailwind for the industry.

But you’ve got to dive deeper than the broad industry as a whole. There are segments and companies within the sector that are receiving a technology makeover as the pandemic accelerates the rollout of remote health care services like telemedicine.

As a result, the market for digital health services is estimated to more than triple in size over the next five years to more than $150 billion!

Turn Your Images On

The companies in the iShares U.S. Health Care Providers ETF (NYSE: IHF) exchange-traded fund (ETF) are best positioned to leverage these emerging technologies … and boost their bottom line as a result.

And now is the right time to buy IHF. Since late 2018, the ETF has traded sideways and consolidated the gains from its prior bull run. Now is the time to pick up shares in anticipation of the next breakout.

Turn Your Images On

In an unpredictable market, stick to a reliable process. It’s the best antidote for investing anxiety.

Best regards,

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Clint Lee

Research Analyst, The Bauman Letter