Lionel Messi is to soccer what Michael Jordan is to basketball…

The Argentine legend has already won the World Cup, and now he’s setting his sights on the U.S.

The breaking news is that he’s about to sign with the Major League Soccer (MLS) team Inter Miami (co-owned by David Beckham).

This is a groundbreaking deal for sports. And there are angles to the narrative that you might not have considered…

So on this special episode of The Banyan Edge Podcast, our resident sports economics expert, Matt Clark (also chief research analyst over at Money & Markets), weighs in on international soccer star Messi coming to America.

And how his potential deal with Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) could affect the company’s shares…


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Hot Topics in Today’s Podcast:

  • How Messi, the international GOAT of soccer (or fútbol), has transformed the game like Michael Jordan did for basketball. [5:20]
  • The “Messi Effect” on MLS, Inter Miami and South Florida’s sports economy. [10:30]
  • How Messi turned down a billion-dollar deal from Saudi Arabia. [17:00]
  • Instead, he has a lucrative revenue share deal on the table with Apple — who owns the rights to stream MLS games on Apple TV. [22:35]
  • Does the “Messi Effect” make AAPL a good investment? [30:00]

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(Ft. Image from FC Barcelona: Lionel Messi.)