Next week, Reddit will become the first major social media platform to go public in nearly seven years.

The company was originally founded in a University of Virginia dorm room back in 2005, just one year after Facebook was launched.

But Reddit has always been the oddball of the social media bunch…

The platform is designed to emulate the “old school” feel of those original internet message boards (with little in the way of advertising or images).

Reddit’s quirky and unique appeal caters to a much narrower audience than Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. That audience has grown and grown over the years though.

As of today, Reddit boasts an impressive 50 million die-hard daily users.

And it recently gained national notoriety in recent years for being home to the “WallStreetBets” crowd, infamously serving as the headquarters for a massive short-squeeze on Gamestop shares in early 2021.

Now, after a decade of private funding from Sam Altman, Peter Thiel and Snoop Dogg (yes, that Snoop Dogg), Reddit has finally decided to go public.

Of course, Reddit’s IPO is all over the financial media. Wall Street Journal has already decided it’s “one of the year’s hottest IPOs.”

For traders, the IPO is even conjuring up memories of heady gains from similar offerings in the past.

Back in the 2010s, social media shares soared as much as 64% just in the first week after their IPO (granted, many of these share prices came quickly back down to Earth):

Media Shares Soar in the Week After IPOSocial Media Shares Soar in the Week After IPO

Could Reddit see a similar post-IPO bump?

It’s possible.

But it’s also been nearly a decade since the most recent of the IPOs listed above. Today’s stock market is a different place, to say the very least.

Reddit’s IPO is certainly worth keeping an eye on.

But it’s far from being this week’s BIGGEST trading story.

For that, you’ll have to look past the pages of Wall Street Journal or The Financial Times

GLP-1 Profits Send Shares Soaring 120% in Just One Day

As you might already know, I rely primarily on a systematic, technical approach called “Factor Investing” to guide most of my recommendations.

It’s an approach that requires lots of homework, strict trading discipline and a seemingly endless amount of spreadsheets.

But it has ONE critical advantage that makes all the work worthwhile:

I never have to wait for the newspaper to know what’s happening.

So many Main Street investors wait to get their news from the financial media. They tune in for Jim Cramer or Squawk Box, even if they take it all with a grain of salt…

Which is why you usually only hear about the market’s biggest gains after the fact — when it’s already too late to profit.

But with factor investing, I’m able to isolate sectors and stocks that are about to see a breakthrough…

That way I can take action before a big move, and “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been,” to quote Wayne Gretzky.

Take Viking Therapeutics (NASDAQ: VKTX), for example…

Earlier this week, the company shared promising test results for its new GLP-1 weight loss drug.

And the market ate the news up (pun intended). VKTX shares soared 120% in just one trading day!

Once again, the financial media was eager to cover this move … after the closing bell rang.

Now, you can’t fault them for not having a crystal ball. After all, VKTX was a relatively small $4 billion contender, going up against mega-cap market leaders like Eli Lilly.

This week’s breakthrough was a big upset — which is part of the reason VKTX shares ended the day so much higher.

But with some technical analysis, you might have noticed a few key indicators within the health care sector. Namely:

  1. It was in a six-month uptrend.
  2. It exhibited market-beating momentum over the past three months.
  3. And that momentum had reached a degree of statistical significance, suggesting it could persist for another three months.

In other words, the sector was primed for breakout performance.

So I sent out a special trade alert to Max Profit Alert readers…

And just one week later, when VKTX shares soared, we locked in a quick and easy 50% gain.

But we didn’t invest in VKTX using stock or options.

You see, I built a tool to help me uncover opportunities like VKTX, and find the best way to profit when the stock makes a move, while reducing the risk at the same time.

It’s called the “Money Code”: an algorithm-based technology that scans the market, and detects profit windows that give us the best chance to maximize our gains.

Then it targets the best trading opportunities where we can go for double- and triple-digit returns.

By the way, these kinds of trades are Wall Street’s bread and butter — a $7 trillion market, which it’s used to make huge profits.

Now, thanks to my Money Code technology, we can tap into the same kind of profit potential as the biggest firms on Wall Street.

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To good profits,

Adam O’Dell

Chief Investment Strategist, Money & Markets