In today’s Quick Takes, I’m taking to the charts to look at five candidates to help you supercharge what I believe will be a huge bull run in the next few months.

The broader markets just experienced five straight down days.

And I’m even more bullish than I was before this decline.


I’ll explain in just a moment, but first, you’ll want to watch my newest Quick Takes video below…

Four of the five stocks I analyzed today ended up on my Bank It list. Meaning these are stocks that are at an ideal spot to hold key levels and head higher over the next couple of months. Stocks that you’d want on your radar, especially considering the overall market is expected to bounce higher heading into the end of the year.

So check out my latest Quick Takes video below to see which stocks fall on my Bank It or my Tank It list over the next few months.

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Now, I want to explain how I can be so confidently bullish after this decline.

With how stocks have acted for the past year, a five-day losing streak is enough to make folks uncomfortable.

But losing streaks like this aren’t unheard of.

In fact, they tend to happen multiple times a year. And I can prove it.

Going back over the last 10 years, we’ve seen the Dow Jones Industrial Average (NYSE: DIA) decline for five straight days 44 times.

But here’s the thing… Declines like these are hardly reasons to get bearish.

Using that same 10-year dataset, we can see that 30 days after these losing streaks, the Dow was on average 2.9% higher and rose 74% of the time.

If you go out 90 days, it was higher 90% of the time and up 6.5% on average.

Granted, it’s not a straight shot higher. Those 44 times show us the first week or two can be volatile.

But, after 30 to 90 days, we are profitable more than 70% of the time with a sizeable rally.

I didn’t pull this all out of a hat. Here are the stats…

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My point is, this decline has me seriously bullish on the next few months in the market.

The data tells us that we can expect an extended rally after this period of weakness more times than not. And right now, you need some stocks you can bank on going higher.

So be sure to check out today’s Quick Takes video here, and learn which stocks are in best position to lead this bull run.


Chad Shoop
Editor, Quick Hit Profits