Protect Your Wealth With This New Investment

But there is one asset that is not drawing too much notice on Wall Street. That’s creating a great opportunity for you to protect your wealth.

Stocks are struggling.

The roaring start we enjoyed in January has turned into a whimper over the past month. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is actually sitting on a loss since the start of 2018, and the S&P 500 is up roughly 1%.

The endless twists and turns in Washington — with new tax codes, talk of tariffs and the potential for increased spending on infrastructure — are keeping stocks lurching higher and lower. We’re not making the same progress that we have enjoyed in past years despite the strong economy.

But there is one asset that is not drawing too much notice on Wall Street. That’s creating a great opportunity for investors.

A New Opportunity to Protect Your Wealth

As you know, stocks have been shaky the past few weeks. The stock market has been flirting with correction territory, leaving many to wonder if more losses are to come.

This is a reminder of why it’s important to consider diversifying your portfolio with alternative investments to stocks.

And that’s exactly what EverBank’s three-month currency certificates of deposit (CDs) are.

EverBank’s WorldCurrency® CDs are the perfect tool for distributing your wealth into many of the world’s most promising currencies. That allows you to reduce your dependency on the health of a single currency and economy.

For example, you can get exposure to the Mexican peso. As of March 6, the Mexican peso CD had an annual percentage yield (APY) of 5.09%. Or the Indian rupee, which had an APY of 3.29%. The Brazilian real and the Russian ruble three-month currency CDs each have an APY of 3.03% as of March 6. The South African rand three-month currency CD has an APY of 4.32%.

The stated APY assumes interest remains on deposit until maturity. Interest will be calculated and credited in the foreign currency in which the account is denominated. The required minimum opening deposit is $10,000. Early withdrawal penalties apply. Fees may reduce earnings.

These are great options for you to diversify your money outside the U.S. dollar, but note that deposits denominated in foreign currencies are susceptible to losses due to currency price fluctuations. (Also note that EverBank offers the rupee, real and ruble in a nondeliverable form.)

For complete details and full-term agreements, click here.

For full disclosure, we have a marketing relationship with EverBank, a division of TIAA, FSB (Member FDIC). But we like its products so much, we’d recommend it anyway. To learn more about investing in its three-month currency CDs to get exposure to this phenomenal overseas growth opportunity, click here.

Rebalance and Grow

While we are all looking for that next big win where the stock streaks sharply higher, filling our portfolio with a fat, triple-digit gain, it’s important to remember that there’s more to successful investing than just finding the next big hit.

It’s critical that your portfolio is balanced across a variety of sectors, investment vehicles, and possibly even countries and currencies. When you’ve got decades before your retirement, you can afford to be more aggressive in your investments because you’ve got more time to make up for any losses.

As the years wind down and you get closer to retirement, it’s important to rebalance your portfolio with a mix of aggressive and conservative investments aimed to provide income while preserving capital.

You should have domestic and international stocks in your portfolio. You should also have a portion of your portfolio dedicated to physical gold. And it’s wise to have some exposure to foreign currencies.

Protect and grow your wealth by striking the right balance.


Jocelynn Smith

Sr. Managing Editor, Sovereign Investor Daily

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If you value your money, stay away from this fast buck, high risk BS. Peso?, Rupee?, Ruble?… 5%?….are you kidding??? These are minor currencies, highly speculative. The punchline: ”….minimum opening deposit is $10,000. Early withdrawal penalties apply. Fees may reduce earnings.” If you don’t know anything about FOREX trading and even if you do, run run run from this SCAM SCAM SCAM. What happened to your shirt????

i signed up for Precision Profits on a 1 day offer of 90 day trial with refund. they are refusing the refund declaring there is a no refund on Precision Profits subscription even tho i have the email in hand from Jeff Yastine with the words “refund” if cancelled within 90 days – i cancelled 30 days after signing up. customer service manager rude and hung up on me when i became disgusted with being denied my refund. I’ve turned over to my credit card company – don’t know if that will do any good. I’ve cancelled rest of my subscriptions after this. bad business!!

Every time i get an email about some new investment banyonhill wants more money.I guess that initial payment for access to very little info was bait. Very little info for the money.

ron17571, Same here. I’ve asked about who does their brokering, at what commission, and I get referred to another video presentation that drones on for over 20 minutes before they want you to send in more money to subscribe to another meaningless publication. If this is legit, they aren’t trying very hard. It has all of the ear-marks of a classic bait & switch operation

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