U.S. supply chains are gridlocked.

Prices are rising on short supplies.

Warnings abound of delays in Black Friday and Christmas deliveries. “Get your orders in or you won’t get your stuff until 2022!” is the mantra from retailers to wholesalers to factories.

At the heart of it all: massive container ships marooned outside American ports.

But what’s really going on here?

In today’s video, I explain that the fragile economics of one of America’s most important industries put us in this position.

And I point out that this jolting experience is certain to create a massive demand in an emerging sector that’s starting to show its stock market muscle. Investing in those companies now puts you on the right side of the supply chain solution!

Watch today’s video to get all the details.

What You May Not Know About This Crisis

The pandemic obviously created some hiccups in the supply side of our economy. That’s old news. But a bigger problem has arisen in the demand side of the economy. Simply put, people are buying significantly more than ever before.

This has caused a catastrophic problem in our transport system. And thanks to a little-known fact about trucking companies, we are now jammed between a rock and a hard place.

There is a solution, though.

Watch today’s video to hear all about it.

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