The time has come once again!As our veteran readers know, with each new month comes a new Monthly Market Outlook from our experts here at True Options Masters.And this one is critical.I don’t want to spoil it, but the sector Chad is focused on this month is one that almost NOBODY is talking about… even as it’s showing perhaps the biggest opportunity to multiply your money in the options market.Mike’s outlook is just as valuable: he’s showing why this afternoon’s Fed decision might rattle markets for a bit, but will ultimately prove bullish over the longer term.Why, precisely, do I always get so excited about these Outlooks?Well, last month’s Outlook from the team helped me score multiple triple-digit winners.And if I can do it, you oughta be doing the same.Just click here or the thumbnail below to watch, right now.

November Monthly Market Outlook

I hope you enjoy this month’s Outlook. And even more importantly, profit from it.If you do wind up profiting, or have in the past, we’d love to hear about it! Write us at,Chris CimorelliChief Editor, True Options Masters