Your smartphone dings.

There’s an alert from your brokerage account.

It’s strange … because you didn’t make a trade the day before.

So, you open the app.

You put down your coffee and think there must be a mistake.

In your portfolio, you see a stock you never bought — worth thousands of dollars.

You ask yourself: “How the heck did I get these shares?”

Because essentially, you’ve just received shares of a new company for “free”…

I call these “pre-market” shares.

And here’s the best part: Current shareholders get these new shares automatically.

In fact, they’re deposited directly into your brokerage account.

You don’t need to do anything to get them.

And if you want to know which companies are issuing these pre-market shares … today’s your lucky day.

I recently did an interview where I was asked what criteria I look for.

We recorded a special video for you right here.

I don’t know how long we’re going to keep it up, so you better get a move on it.

Click on the link, and you can thank me later.


Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi

Founder, Alpha Investor

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From Carol S: Your little memos are like miniature works of art — priceless in originality and very refreshing. Perfectly constructed, concise and admirably coherent.

From Janice K: Dear Charles, I have done better following your recommendations than other investments I have tried so far. Thank you.

From Diane J: Dear Mr. Mizrahi, I just want to say that I appreciate your reassurances that our stocks will get better. Thank you.

From Audrey B: I first heard that stock shares are pieces of businesses from you, Charles. But now, when I watch YouTube videos of Charlie Munger’s first interviews, I hear these same words. There seem to be many qualities you both share. The more for me to learn from.

From Barbara G: I’m a teeny tiny investor with very little money. But Charles’ info is keeping me above water — even in these turbulent times. I wish I would have known about him when I was still working and could have taken advantage of his information more often.

This is just a note of thanks for Charles. His newsletters are so perfect for me. I understand everything he says without the market’s mumbo jumbo confusion. Thank you, Charles!

From Joan D: I just love that you are in my corner of chosen professionals whom I read and admire. I have, over and again, been so thankful. You teach as you go, and you continue teaching the same stay-the-course mentality. It is super great for me, as a newbie, in all this. Interestingly, I don’t share the same interests via your podcasts. But they are consistently informative, and I respect the “thinking behind it,” which is why I listen to some of your podcasts.

Just a huge amount of respect for what you offer your subscribers. You really do ROCK, CM!!

From Jeff L.: Thanks for the words of wisdom. It takes experience to learn that and, because I lack it, I’m glad to have your advice. I’m learning to resist the emotional impulse ways of seeing things — especially when it concerns investing hard-earned money. Thanks, Mr. Mizrahi.