Today, with markets closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we bring you something a little different for this week’s Banyan Edge Podcast

Our team of analysts — spearheaded by Bloomberg Terminal expert, right-hand of Ian King and as I would lovingly say “Chief Nerd” Amber Lancaster — recently uncovered a treasure trove of market data.

It’s all about the last big tech bear market back in 2000, and there are alarming similarities to what we see today.

This data should serve as the guiding light as your investment journey continues into 2023 and beyond. So today, I’m sitting down with Mike Carr to pick apart the numbers and show you what they mean.

These new charts and data can help position you for successful profits in the next few years, especially while investing in a bear market.

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Investing in a Bear Market: Past & Present

Here’s why today’s talk is so important…

Mike showed you yesterday that, to him, this bear market looks a lot like the 2000 bear market.

Here’s one scary stat: Did you know that only 41% of the companies listed back then are still running today?

That could easily happen again today. But it won’t take 22 years.

Mike believes that this year, 2023, is where we’ll see the majority of the next culling take place.

When you invest in an index like the S&P 500 or the Nasdaq, you’re exposed to EVERYTHING in that index.

That means, if you hold something like SPY or QQQ in your portfolio, you’re potentially exposed to dozens of failing companies … if not more.

Not to fear, though.

Mike, disciplined Air Force vet he is, always has a plan for situations like these.

In fact, he outlined that plan in a brand-new presentation last Thursday … where he shared details on three popular, but embattled tech companies he’s targeting with “Shakeout Trades.”

There’s still time to join Mike on this latest venture, but not much.

If you want to sidestep the carnage Mike sees coming this year, go here now and hear his urgent message.

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