Fed Chair Janet Yellen put the financial market on notice today, with an eye toward China.

In her prepared remarks to the House Financial Services panel, she stated that financial conditions “have become less supportive to growth.”

She also warned that “downside risks” tied to the health of the Chinese economy could weigh on the economy.

We’ve been warning of significant downside risks for several months now and China continues to be the least of our concerns

While the Fed, economists and various Wall Street talking heads are quick to point fingers at China as the ultimate troublemaker, Jim Rogers reveals that China is actually just the scapegoat for troubles that actually originated in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

China and Gold

In an investing career spanning five decades, famed global investor Jim Rogers has made his name — and fortune — by investing against the conventional wisdom of most investors.

And that includes his current view on the U.S. dollar, which he believes is destined for collapse — but not before becoming the ultimate bubble first.

In the second of my three-part interview with Jim Rogers, he also discusses his views on oil, China and especially gold. He continues to watch the physical gold market closely for another long-term buying opportunity.

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Jim Rogers on the Dollar and Gold

If you missed the first part of this series, click here to watch it now. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see the conclusion to this interview series.

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