Inflation has been on everyone’s mind this year.

But don’t worry about it today: “Black Friday” is about resting, recovering … and pursuing all those sales that come up … if that’s your preference.

But I don’t think you should worry all that much about inflation after today either.

My views on inflation don’t come from cable network talking heads or political websites. As an economist, I follow professional arguments about whether the inflation we’re experiencing now is here to stay or not.

My conclusion echoes that of CNBC on Twitter last week: “Ignore ‘hysterical people’ — inflation is not here to stay.”

Today, let’s revisit three videos designed to help you better understand inflation … and even profit from it!

I’ll be back with a new Friday video for you next week.

Busting the Great Inflation Myth

Inflation has a bad reputation. Check any news headline. Inflation is the “big bad wolf” who crushes growth stocks and slashes at the value of fixed savings. This is the story we’re told over and over again — it’s the dominant narrative. In this video from July 16, I discuss why that is and what is on the opposite side of this continuous debate. Click here or on the image to watch this video.

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Inflation Nation? 3 Reasons Not to Fear the Reaper

Inflation jitters have had the markets in the red on and off the last several months. But are those fears well-founded? Are we facing 1970s-like inflation? In this video from May 14, I walk you through the inflation we are seeing right now, and whether that forebodes more inflation in the future. Then I give three reasons why this is not a concern. Finally, I explain that institutional investors already know this … and the REAL reason why they’re using the threat of inflation to spook the market. Click here or on the image below to watch this video.

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3 ETFs to Survive Inflation

The big theme this year: consumer inflation. People are spending more and it’s driving up prices. Only, that’s not the whole story. Clint and I know what’s really happening and why investors are looking in all the wrong places to hedge against — or even profit from — inflation. As you’ll see, there’s a very good reason sectors like cybersecurity, AI and biotech are immune to these conditions … and you’ll find out the best ways to play them. Click here or on the image to watch this video from September 13.

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Enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend.

Kind regards,

Ted Bauman
Editor, The Bauman Letter