Investor Insights:

  • A Hypernet LED bulb can communicate 100 times faster than Wi-Fi.
  • The Hypernet market is growing at a compound annual pace of 101%.
  • In my Total Wealth Insider newsletter, we’re investing during this tech’s early stages.

You wouldn’t think of finding a revolutionary technology in your home improvement store’s lighting aisle.

But I did.

This is a new kind of LED lightbulb.

It has a chip embedded in its base so it can connect to your home Wi-Fi system. That lets you control it from any connected device.

But this is just the start.

The most advanced of these embedded-chip bulbs, installed in a growing number of commercial locations, have chips that allow a new type of communication.

I call it the Hypernet. And I believe it’s one of the greatest technological disruptions of our time.

Read on to find out why the Hypernet gives you the opportunity to triple your money in the next three years, and make multiples more over the next decade.

The Hypernet Will Make the Internet Obsolete

A Hypernet LED bulb can communicate 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. That’s because it uses light instead of radio signals to transmit data.

At that speed, you could download an entire movie in a few seconds, rather than the minutes it takes now.

And since Hypernet LED bulbs use light instead of radio signals, the data transmissions can’t interfere with critical devices.

That’s important in hospitals, airplane cabins and factories. These are places where more and more systems are connected to the internet, yet remain vulnerable to radio interference.

According to analysts at the Research and Markets survey firm, the Hypernet market is already worth about $12 billion. And it’s growing at a compound annual pace of 101%.

At that rate, the market would have a value of more than $390 billion by 2024.

The Early Stages of the Hypernet Revolution

All of this may sound incredible. But it’s happening now.

For instance:

  • A major retail chain has already installed Hypernet LED lights in many of its stores.
  • A soccer stadium in Germany has its press room set up with Hypernet LED lights.
  • Cities are beginning to retrofit their streetlights to embrace the Hypernet.

That’s why researchers estimate the airline industry will spend as much as $1.5 billion for the Hypernet in the coming years.

Large venues such as stadiums and museums will spend $4 billion.

Schools and universities will spend $6 billion.

Retailers will spend $10 billion.

And health care facilities will spend $12 billion

The point is … this technological revolution is happening right now.

In my Total Wealth Insider newsletter, we’re getting in on the early stages for major gains in the next few years.

Best of good buys,

Jeff Yastine

Editor, Total Wealth Insider

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