It’s the hottest tech of 2023.

Love it or hate it. The fact is, this isn’t just a tech trend that’ll fizzle out like an old flip phone.

AI could bring $150 trillion to the global economy. (And that’s saying something, when the global GDP is only $96 trillion.)

But what exactly is artificial intelligence? And how does machine learning actually work?

Ian King joined me on The Banyan Edge Podcast to break this down to basics: machine learning, ChatGPT, its impacts on social media and even the future applications of AI.

Plus, his new webinar, the American AI Wealth Summit, shows you how to tap into this HUGE investment opportunity. (More details on that below the video.)


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How to invest in the $150 trillion future of AI.

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Hot Topics in Today’s Podcast:

  • What’s the actual deal with AI? Why is it important to our economy, and how does it work? [2:00]
  • The rise of machine learning, ChatGPT and GPT-4. [3:30]
  • How venture capitalist and software engineer Marc Andreessen (and the founder of Netscape) warned against the “full-blown moral panic” about AI. [9:30]
  • The future applications of AI — including robotics automation, U.S. reshoring and even preventing diseases. [10:45]
  • Teaser: Ian’s new (free) webinar breaks down how you can invest in the potential $150 trillion future of AI. (Learn more about it below!) [22:20]

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$150 trillion is a big number to throw around.

But how can AI practically shape the U.S. economy in the next three to five years. And just as importantly, how can you profit from it?

Ian’s new webinar, the American AI Wealth Summit is coming soon…

On July 27, he’ll answer all of these questions, and break down all of his latest research on what investing in AI stocks could mean for your portfolio.

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