It’s been less than two years since ChatGPT was released to the public — but the economic impact of the AI Revolution is already undeniable…

Everywhere from your doctor’s office to your financial advisor to the football game on TV, AI is being used behind the scenes.

It’s optimizing creative content, managing timetables and streamlining operations.

As a result, AI is directly replacing some of the humans who used to perform these tasks.

In May of last year alone, about 3,900 job losses were directly attributed to AI. By the end of the year, more than a third of business leaders surveyed by ResumeBuilder claimed that AI replaced workers.

As the AI Revolution builds toward its apex over the next few years, Goldman Sachs projects that upward of 300 million jobs will be either fully or partially automated.

That’s a level of automation beyond anything we’ve ever imagined.

And it leaves investors to wonder — what happens if they “automate” YOUR financial advisor?

AI’s Truly Disruptive Power

As you might already know, I think of myself as a “cautious optimist.”

That means I’m excited for the future of AI, but I also realize that it comes with its own limitations.

AI is ultimately a tool, just like any other. It’s probably one of the most powerful tools we’ve ever conceived. But tools are only ever as good as the people using them.

Take the internet, for example.

It’s another one of our most powerful tools, and arguably the closest technology we have to AI in terms of sheer disruptive potential.

During the early days of the internet, the media speculated rampantly about how everyone — from travel agents to stockbrokers — would lose their jobs to this new technology.

Since John Q. Public could now book his flights online, or look up his own stock charts, he’d no longer need expert advice.

In reality, we ended up seeing quite the opposite…

Travel agents ultimately saw their income soar, since serious agents could reach much larger online audiences and provide a better overall experience.

And the financial services industry is larger than ever in 2024.

That’s just how disruptive technology works! These kinds of breakthroughs don’t just tilt the odds in one direction or another … they completely transform what’s possible across the board.

And that transformation will be a godsend for the financial services industry.

A New Evolution for Financial Professionals

According to a study from BlackRock, the average financial professional “only” spends 53 hours a week working.

Yet 11 of those 53 hours are dedicated to administrative tasks. AKA: housekeeping.

That’s 20% of each week spent answering emails, reviewing documents and managing customer relations, all of which they’d be happy to automate.

AI-powered tools can give financial advisors the opportunity to focus more on what really matters — their investments, and their clients.

These tools can also help provide the kind of personalization their clients are craving:

AI-Powered Tools Can Help Advisors Deliver the Personalization Clients Want

AI-powered tools help financial advisors advise clients.

So AI isn’t going to replace your financial advisor…

Instead, it’s going to give them the tools to do their job even better.

Much like the internet, much like smartphones (and Blackberries before them), AI-powered tools will help the most driven and dedicated professionals reach a whole new level of success.

Instead of driving financial professionals into extinction, it’s going to propel their “Survival of the Fittest” into a whole new generation.

AI could even help unlock a whole new level of rapid-fire gains for Main Street investors…

Tapping into the AI-Powered “Money Code” to 8X the Market

I’ve already been using AI-powered backtesting and analytical tools for years now — they’re an instrumental part of my Green Zone Power Ratings system.

But I’ve also been using AI to tap into a $7 trillion asset class that’s otherwise dominated by a handful of Wall Street mega-firms.

I call this system “The Money Code.”

And it’s delivered some of the largest and fastest-moving gains of my entire career…

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To good profits,

Adam O’Dell

Chief Investment Strategist, Money & Markets