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Hey Great Ones, are you ready for me?

Yeah, it’s your good trading buddy down in Kentucky. I’m just out of Cincy, and I’m bound for home with the radio blasting and the bird dog on. (Feeling a little Steve Earle today. Getting my outlaw country on.)

Anyway … it’s Reader Feedback day! The day when we dive into the Great Stuff mailbag to answer your questions, indulge in your rants and provide the best stock research and investing advice the SEC will allow.

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So, without any further ado … y’all ready to roll with today’s feature presentation?

Hey Great Stuff! Will there be a portfolio summary to replace the Jan 07/21? Thanks!


Thanks for writing in, R.M.K.!

Now, I don’t usually do two portfolio updates in a month. But, it just so happens that I’m feeling frisky today. So, let’s take another look at the Great Stuff Picks portfolio … just for you:


That, Great Ones, is a thing of beauty!

Three 300% winners! The original Roku (Nasdaq: ROKU) position homing in on 400%! Two 200% winners and a whole truckload of positive gains! Exclamation points everywhere!!!


The colors, Mason! What do they mean!?!

Right, let’s break down those changes, shall we?

  • Hold Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD) — This is purely a technical hold. AMD dipped below its 50-day trendline and found a touch of resistance at $90. I don’t want you to buy in only to get a short-term pullback. A move back above $90 and the 50-day moving average would be a buy signal.
  • Hold Insulet (Nasdaq: PODD) — This is another good hold. PODD just hit fresh all-time highs following a stellar earnings report and the release of its insulin pump in Canada. Wait for shares to consolidate, and a pullback to the $270 to $280 area would change this hold to a buy.
  • Sell Beyond Meat (Nasdaq: BYND) — BYND has been on hold in the Great Stuff Picks portfolio for a while. The shares are down 42% from their all-time highs, and I don’t see them getting back there anytime soon. I recommend you take your 62% profit, and we’ll reevaluate BYND later this year.
  • Sell Conagra Brands (NYSE: CAG) — What can I say? The rally I was looking for never materialized. Conagra’s packaged food products just didn’t resonate through the pandemic like I expected they would. I blame too much reliance on the company’s hamstrung restaurant revenue — and that’s my fault for not recognizing it. The stock broke below key support near $35, so it’s time to dine and dash with our 2% loss before it gets worse.

And there you have it, R.M.K. Your second Great Stuff Picks portfolio update this month. Don’t get used to it.

Finally, for all the Great Ones out there scrambling for small-cap and hydrogen fuel cell stock recommendations, know that I am on the case. I’ve got my eye on a couple of picks that could show up in the next month, valuation willing.

Until then, keep writing in and keep your eyes glued to Great Stuff!

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Great Stuff Reader Feedback

Now, let’s wade through the rest of our inbox and see what you’ve been up to.

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A Red-Hot, White-Hot Blue Gas

Joe: I almost jumped out of my rocking chair when you mentioned hydrogen fuel cells. I’ve been desperately trying to gain knowledge about the red-hot companies who are key in this now white-hot market.

I have only fastened on one company, and that is Ballard Power Systems. I’ve bought and sold the stock and made a bit of money on it, but I know that several companies, Amazon, Apple are using H20 for forklifts and trucks and that Audi has canceled gas-driven contracts and signed for fleets with Ballard.

I know about Blue Gas and HydroPower. But I want to know more because I want to invest in Hydrogen power. It’s the best answer yet to cut down CO2. Hell, I’ve been waiting since I was 11 years old after telling my teacher that hydrogen and oxygen and a spark could be used for cars. Was told, “that’s the stupidest idea I ever heard of.” I’m now 87 and running out of time.

Ed L.

Thanks for writing in, Ed!

Your teacher and Elon “Fool Cells” Musk should hang out sometime. I’m glad we both agree that the long-standing denial of hydrogen power’s potential is foolish at best and an investing misadventure at worst.

We’ll keep you up to date on the H-powered hype to come, but for now, your hydrogen-hunting eyes should’ve picked up on Plug Power (Nasdaq: PLUG) up there in the Great Stuff Picks portfolio. If you haven’t checked it out as an addition to your Ballard Power play, they’ve traded very similarly so far this year amid the hydro hubbub.

I do want to forewarn you: If the back-patting didn’t give it away, PLUG has already had an insane rally since we recommended it back on October 23. “Insane” as in … Great Ones who got in on back then are already up over 300% on this single free stock.

Granted, October seems like far-off Shangri-La in my 2020 memory bank, but nevertheless, that’s just three months with this stock. Quadruple your money in three months? Eat it, Elon.

Do I think PLUG has potential to run further? Yes. That’s why I haven’t recommended you sell out of the stock, and it’s why I keep harping on the sucker every time we mention hydrogen power. (Case in point, here I go again!)

Plug’s wider range of applications give it more staying power than other hydrogen stocks on the market — especially those without direct exposure to the electric vehicle (EV) space. If you still need more reasons to check out PLUG, click right here to see our past hot take on it!

Apple-Bobbing for Attention

Hi, Great Stuff,

Apple just makes news because it cannot stand being left out of the news.

5G is here, bang, Apple has someone writing a story about how they will disrupt 5G with satellite cell phone networks to all apple users’ phones and all for the low cost of $4.99. Google, Tesla and more are all in the EV autonomous business, so of course, here comes Apple with an article about their plans to enter the EV market too.

Have you ever known someone who will always one-up you in conversation? Like you cannot say anything without them outdoing whatever it is you just said.

“Guess what guys I just bowled a 250 last night, I am so proud of myself.” “Oh, yeah, well my average is 285.” “I saw 30 out of the 77 Metallica concerts during their 1993 tour.” “Oh, yea well I saw 36.” Aye, aye, aye Apple, get over it.


Oof, tell me how you really feel, Sam. You’ll have to forgive me for keeping your email brief-ish here, but when you’re right, you’re right.

And Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) has eked out an entire existence out of selling that “one-up” kind of feeling … and I fully expect it to pull that same thing with EVs.

Also, not to one-up you or anything … but Metallica played 79 shows across their two 1993 tours. Sorry, but Apple’s right — it does feel good to be “that guy.”

Pocket Sand!

Hello Great Stuff,

I hear a lot about infrastructure building and know it will require a lot of sand, so can you tell a good sand-oriented company to invest in?

Thank you and stay GREAT.

Jeffrey D.

Sand? Admittedly, I don’t quite like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating. And it gets everywhere.

I see where you’re going with this. Sand truly is everywhere — glass, asphalt, concrete and the bottom of my washing machine. (Seriously, who tracks all this in? It’s not like I go outside…)

Sand investing, on the other hand, is a different story. Not many sand-specific companies trade in the public markets. And even fewer retail investors even eye the stocks when everyone’s jazzed about hot tech. How many of you out there have heard about — let alone own — U.S. Silica (NYSE: SLCA)?

There’s your best pure play on sand, Jeffrey. If you really want one. SLCA is back in the limestone limelight for the exact same reasons you mentioned. Infrastructure building uses heaps of sand, and SLCA might be one of the few benefactors from the rise of coastal erosion.

Plus, if sand fracking, mining and dredging is your bag, boy, do I have a rabbit hole for you!

For everyone else out there looking for infrastructure plays that don’t pigeonhole you to the playground pits … there are much, much more compelling picks in the shifting stock market sands.

That said, the Biden administration is likely to push for infrastructure spending this year, and more funding and projects would be a boon to far more than just the sand-selling sultans like SLCA.

Stocks like Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (NYSE: BIP), Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT), Nucor (NYSE: NUE) and Fluor (NYSE: FLR) are some top names to check out should Biden’s building budget go berserk.

Better yet, one innovation is sparking an estimated $100 trillion — with a “T” — revival of the American industry. It’s called “the biggest transformation since Ford’s assembly line.”

Click right here to learn more about it!

Your Words, Not Mine!

Great Stuff is awesome! After reading this, I’ll start checking it daily; it will be very helpful in my trend seeking of stocks.

Idor S.

Thanks for tuning in, Idor! Emails like these keep us rapping with you on the daily. Stick with us, and we’ll stick with you — or at least fill your inbox with more memes and stocks to watch. Deal?

Believe it or not, we’re not only focused on Anakin’s sand problems around here…

Agreed, Indeed

I claim

Otis H.

I’m really hoping you didn’t lick the screen when you sent that, Otis. Eeew. But you’ve clearly got chutzpah, and I like that.

So, Great Ones, whatever you claim, claim it! Own it! Just don’t lick it, please.

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Joseph Hargett

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