When it comes to gold and silver, it’s tough to keep up with the news sometimes…

And why? Because in my opinion, the media doesn’t always give you the whole picture.

For instance, is the price of both metals down from a few years ago? Sure.

You’d think no one buys bullion anymore, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. People around the world are buying immense numbers of silver and gold bullion coins.

In my opinion, that’s what should be news.

Yet few media reports ever mention the record demand for bullion coins from national and private mints worldwide last year. Don’t believe me?

  • The U.K.’s Royal Mint said it experienced “unprecedented demand” for its silver coins…
  • The U.S. Mint set a new all-time sales record for its silver coins…
  • The U.S. Mint saw its gold-coin sales rise nearly 54% in 2015…
  • The Austrian Mint saw sales of its gold coins more than triple last summer…

And then there’s the Royal Canadian Mint…

They’re still tabbing up their full 2015 sales, but I believe it’s going to be a huge number. Just in the first three quarters of last year, the mint said it experienced a “sustained resurgence in gold and silver bullion demand.”

Look no further than gold bullion coins; the mint’s sales rose 135% from 2014 levels!

Why Are Gold Coin Sales Surging?

You probably don’t need me to tell you what’s behind their popularity. The world’s financial markets are in a state of profound turmoil.

I’ve said many times before that gold coins represent…

  • Calamity “insurance”: Gold coins remain, as they have for centuries, an important way to potentially protect your wealth against uncertainty…
  • Inflation protection: Gold may help to preserve your wealth from the corrosive effects of inflation amid the money printing of the world’s central banks…
  • Potential profits: There may be no better time than now to buy gold, at today’s tremendous prices. You’re getting the most amount of bullion for the smallest number of dollars in years, and positioned for the higher prices I see in the future.

Need I say more about why it’s important, in my opinion, to own gold coins as a portion of your assets?

With that in mind, I want to tell you about a special offer for gold coins that’s on my radar right now…

Gold Coins at $50 Over “Spot”

My friends at EverBank, one of the nation’s premier banking institutions (and with whom we have a paid marketing relationship) have a limited supply of gold bullion coins available for purchase.

Now, I want to make this perfectly clear…

EverBank is a superlative provider of banking products and services. So you can’t just call up their customer service team and say, “Charge it to my credit card.” It doesn’t work like that.

In order to buy these gold coins, you need to be an EverBank client, the same as if you were purchasing some other banking product.

That said, EverBank’s customer service team makes the account-opening process very easy and fast. And once completed, you can not only buy the gold coins I’m talking about, but now you have access to all their other unique, powerful products and services to help protect and grow your wealth during these tumultuous times.

Just to be even more transparent, it’s important to note these coins and other precious metals sold by EverBank are not FDIC insured, and pose a risk of loss.

But given the world situation, the price of gold and the ongoing problems evident in the financial markets, I believe this is an ideal time to avail ourselves of EverBank’s offer…

It’s called the Five Blessings Coin … and it hits the mark in every gold-coin buyer’s checklist:

Five Blessings Gold Coin FrontQuality — An absolute stunner of 99.99% fine gold bullion, the Five Blessings Coin is designed and produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, controlled and overseen by the government of Canada. For more than a century, the Mint has designed and produced all of its nation’s vast coinage. But its reputation is such that many foreign countries contract with them to produce their coins too. In the last half-century, dozens of nations — from Singapore, Brazil and Iceland, to Jamaica, Australia, New Zealand, and even Cuba and Iran — have trusted the Royal Canadian Mint to produce the most vital of all sovereign assets: the coinage that forms the basis of their national economies.

In 1979, the Royal Canadian Mint began striking its own gold bullion coins. Since then, the Gold Maple Leaf Coin has become one of the most popular, widely-held bullion coins in the world. The Five Blessings Coin is similar to the Maple Leaf; it just has a unique, rare print on reverse side of it.

Five Blessings Gold Coin BackRarity — The Five Blessings Coin is unique and produced in a limited quantity. On the face side, it features the visage of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. On the back, the design is based on the centuries-old Chinese concept of “Five Blessings,” representing happiness, success, long life, joy and good fortune.

By the way, this is a limited-edition minting, and EverBank has exclusive U.S. rights to sell these coins. These coins have the potential to sell at a premium because there will be a limited amount of them made.

Trust — Buying these coins through EverBank will give you the peace of mind knowing that you will be treated professionally, and that you will get the coins at a solid price. I’ve met dozens of people who have paid exorbitant fees for similar coins to these.

Why You Should Buy These

Buying the Five Blessings Coin is a fine investment option, and an attractive acquisition for both first-time precious-metals buyers and long-term investors.

But the best part of this deal is the price that EverBank is giving to our readers…

  • Low premium over spot price: You normally have to pay a purchase fee for your gold coins. But EverBank is making theirs available to us at just $50 over the spot price of gold (the spot price, by the way, is the current price of 1 ounce of gold in institutional trading). If you purchase over $100,000 worth of the coins, EverBank will lower the premium over the spot price to $40.
  • They are waiving the shipping and handling fees: EverBank is waiving the shipping and handling fees for the coins. If you’ve ever felt the heft of a solid gold 99.99% pure bullion coin, you know that the weight (and therefore shipping charges) of coins in larger quantities can become expensive. And of course, they are shipped securely.

Why I Think You Should Give EverBank a Call Today

It’s important to note that these 99.99% fine gold coins are only available in limited quantities. When they’re gone, that’s it. Time is of the essence to open and fund an account at EverBank, and purchase these coins.

So it’s important that you make this phone call today.

You can order the Five Blessings Coin right now by calling a friendly EverBank representative at this special number they set up for you … 877-471-5974.

As for me, I just love the feeling of holding these coins in my hand, knowing that they will always be there, the ultimate asset to own in troubled times, and one I can pass on to my children.

And as you know, valuable deals of any kind — for real estate, stocks, antiques or what-have-you — don’t last for long.

And the same is true for the Five Blessings Coin.

It’s only available in limited quantities, and all the best values that make up this deal … the low premium over spot price … the waiving of the shipping and handling fees … the steep discount in gold prices…

It all means that the coins could sell out quickly.

I’m expecting that will be the case here.

In other words, the Five Blessings Coin may not be available for long.

Call 877-471-5974 today!

Please remember that credit cards are not accepted.

So when you call, you will speak to a knowledgeable representative who will give you all the details.

If you’re a new EverBank customer, you’ll receive all the information you need to open and fund a bank account, so you can purchase the coins. The representative can also help you decide if the Five Blessings Coin is ultimately right for you, and how many of the coins you should buy.

There is no commitment in making the phone call.

So, I encourage you to make the call so that you can at least get the details you need to make an informed decision.

Again, that number is 877-471-5974.

Kind regards,

JL Yastine
Editorial Director, The Sovereign Society