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  • Digital streaming presents a huge opportunity for traders based on the success of Netflix, Disney+ and more.
  • Will streaming giant Roku’s latest earnings flop sink its stock in 2020? Click here to find out.
  • You can learn more about how I pinpoint massive profit opportunities after quarterly earnings right here.

When Disney+ launched on November 12, over 10 million subscribers joined the media giant’s new service.

The huge debut of Disney+ makes one thing clear — digital streaming has quickly become one of the most lucrative sectors for investing.

And as more companies join Disney, Netflix and Apple in the streaming war, one brand holds a key factor that sets it apart from the pack — Roku Inc. (Nasdaq: ROKU).

Whether you’re in the market for a smart TV or one of the company’s all-in-one media players, Roku provides a convenient place to watch all of your favorite streaming content.

That fact has driven the company’s rapid growth over the years. But shares of the media-device maker plunged in its latest earnings report by more than 10%.

The key question for investors: Will shares continue to sink, or will we see a renewed rally?

In my latest installment of Bank It or Tank It, I tell you whether Roku’s stock is eyeing a rebound after its earnings drop … or if the stock is set to tank even lower.

Profit From Roku’s Earnings Plunge

High-flying shares of Roku got leveled in its latest earnings report.

You could have made a quick profit with a put option or short position. But many traders banked on a strong earnings beat.

Roku had a phenomenal quarter. Earnings and revenue cruised past expectations. The company revised its yearly guidance even higher after earnings.

All the market data suggested the stock would pop.

But the stock sold off on the news.

Now, it can be hard to predict where a stock will head after an earnings call.

That’s why I never blindly gamble on a stock’s earnings announcement. Instead, I pinpoint massive profit opportunities by following a proven strategy that develops after quarterly earnings calls.

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