Profits Unlimited Bolsters Blue-Chip Brand with Digital Video Ad Campaign from Harmon Brothers


“Office Takeover” Ad Produced by Iconic Ad Agency Harmon Brothers Features Wall Street Legend Paul ’s Profits Unlimited, a Product That Empowers Everyday Americans to Invest and Thrive Financially in Uncertain Times 

(Baltimore, MD—August 7, 2020) Banyan Hill Publishing, a network of investment experts committed to helping hardworking Americans obtain financial freedom, announced today the launch of a new ad campaign called “Office Takeover” for Profits Unlimited, a revolutionary stock investing research product that is outperforming Wall Street. The ad profiles Profits Unlimited’s investment research subscription, and its model portfolio, that has beat the market 3:1 since it first started.

“While the ad is funny and entertaining it highlights a major problem—most people are not satisfied with their investment returns.Traditionally investors have only had two options when it comes to investing: invest on your own, which is difficult and time consuming, or invest with a broker or advisor, where the returns are often disappointing,” said Chris Cimorelli, Chief Creative Director for Banyan Hill. “We hope this ad not only disrupts the financial publishing industry that we operate in, but the entire overpriced and underperforming Wall Street adviser apparatus. We want to empower people to take their financial lives into their hands by equipping themselves with the best insight from one of the world’s best investors like Paul and Profits Unlimited.”

The new campaign highlights the innovative success of Paul ’s Profits Unlimited, a subscription service that provides the research and insights of the Wall Street legend- the fund he managed was ranked in the top 1% by Kiplinger and one of the “World’s Best” by Barron’s while allowing readers who choose to invest the freedom to handle the actual stock trades themselves. Paul walked away from his renowned and famous Wall Street investment career to focus on helping Main Street investors with Profits Unlimited, which has already been used by over 100,000 average investors and beat the market 3:1.

About Banyan Hill Publishing— Originally founded in 1998, Banyan Hill Publishing brings together a network of global experts in investing, asset protection, and entrepreneurship to help hard working Americans obtain the freedom of “total wealth”.