America 2.0 & The Fourth Industrial Revolution

A term coined by Paul to describe the new economic and manufacturing boom that is being driven by a variety of next-generation technological innovations, industrial upgrades and consumer trends.

It adds up to what Paul describes as a Fourth Industrial Revolution that will remake the world we live in and the U.S. manufacturing sector. The mega trends driving America 2.0 are creating a new-world economy that is leaving old-world industries, manufacturers and traditional businesses behind.

Collectively, they add up to the greatest tech revolution in modern history — a new American manufacturing renaissance.

You can learn more about America 2.0 by watching Paul’s video here:

Strong Hands

This is a Bold Profits signature phrase. The markets will test you. No stock will ever rise or fall in a straight line. And you will go through period of volatility. It requires patience, endurance and conviction. We call this Strong Hands. It means holding your stocks when they’re down because the innovation, technology, growth, America 2.0 life-changing potential hasn’t changed.

We coined the term in 2018 when during the market crash. Paul knew the market would bounce back and our stocks were solid and primed for more gains. So, he advised his readers to hold Strong Hands. And by holding their positions through the ups and downs of the stock market, readers came out the other side with incredible, life-changing gains.

Now, we have a Strong Hands Nation of Bold Profits readers, who don’t sweat market dips. It’s one of the first lessons we share with new subscribers. One reader even sent Paul these, to remind us to hold Strong Hands!


Bullish, Optimistic and Positive. While the other guys focus on the doom and gloom, we stay #BOP because the future is bright and there’s so many opportunities unfolding in America 2.0!

New Digital Gilded Age

A massive technological transition is happening now.

A transformation Paul calls the “New Digital Gilded Age.” Like the American Gilded Age of the late 19th century, we predict we are about to experience an era of extraordinary economic growth. This time, it will be led by groundbreaking innovation and technology.

Mega Trends

We believe that investing in mega trends is the best way to bring in massive profits. And here’s why… These mega trends are leading us into a new world. They will revolutionize everything as we know it. That means growth. And growth = gains.

Here are our top America 2.0 mega trends we follow in Bold Profits. Click on each to learn more about it:

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Food Revolution

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Infrastructure 2.0

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The Internet of Things

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Precision Medicine

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The Millennial Generation

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Renewable Energy

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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

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