If you’ve been reading our experts’ insights for the past several weeks, or if you follow them on YouTube, you’re familiar with John Ross.

He posted a video on Thursday, in which he summed up investors’ reactions to the Federal Reserve’s latest interest-rate announcement — and he offered three ways to play it.

Before that, he released a five-part series on the habits of winning investors.

We know from your emails that you appreciated John’s guidance and wanted to hear more winning investing habits.

So we asked John and Chad Shoop to share their own winning habits with you today.

John told us:

I’m at my best when I’m aware of my shortcomings and get out of my own way. It’s easier to do this when my mind is clear.

In the morning, I crank up my trading screens. I’ve put together a short list of high-probability trade setups before the market opens in the U.S. And I usually make all trading decisions before 12 p.m. on the East Coast.

I try not to look at charts after that, unless I’m building an indicator or checking how stocks closed. The longer I stare at charts in a given day, the more likely I’ll get in my own way. That’s when it becomes easy to second-guess my decisions or force bad trades.

And Chad Shoop shared his own routines for staying ahead of the latest market news:

In Automatic Profits Alert, I check my Awesome Oscillator on a daily basis for signals (typically, two green bars) to buy new stocks. I also update my calendars annually with all the latest financial trends that my system tracks to locate the most profitable trades.

I follow quarterly earnings announcements in Quick Hit Profits to determine the best opportunities for trades. It’s a daily process for me. I always take in the latest news during earnings season and see how the stock opens.

And in Pure Income, I stay up-to-date on companies that promise the best dividends for my readers. We sell put options for income and manage our trades to instantly secure a solid yield.

There’s one source that I find most reliable in keeping up with the markets in all my services: CNBC. It’s not perfect, but when it comes to staying on top of breaking news in the markets, I haven’t found another financial news organization that is even close. I get the alerts for all economic data, major moves on stocks and earnings right on my phone. And their website content is specific to stocks and economic news, with less political noise.

We like to provide a direct line to our experts whenever we can.

That’s why we want tell you about our upcoming Total Wealth Symposium. We hold this conference every year so you can come face-to-face with John, Chad, Matt Badiali, Anthony Planas, Charles Mizrahi and the rest of the Banyan Hill team.

Tickets are selling fast, and space is limited to just 500 readers. So, you’ll want to act fast to get in on this special event.

We hope to see you there this year!

Our Experts’ Latest Videos!

Our experts have more great advice to offer in their articles and videos this week.

Anthony Planas just posted the latest installment of his new Marijuana Markets: A POTcast.

In this week’s episode, he explains why Merrill Lynch’s interest in the cannabis market could mean a surge higher for pot stocks. Click here to watch it.

Chad also added a new video this week. He talks about the trading season lasting from May through October, which signals a period of weakness for the stock market. He argues that you can keep collecting gains by trading one sector that typically trends higher when the market falls. Click here to find out more.

There’s even more to check out from Charles Mizrahi and Matt Badiali too.

We’d love to hear from you! What daily habits do you attribute to your own success?

Just write to us at winninginvestor@banyanhill.com to be part of the conversation.

Our experts always keep a close eye on the markets. They want to make sure they can offer the best trading advice.

Read on to see the topics they’re following this week.

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