The years of famine are upon us.

Nowadays, the headlines all scream of recession fears, higher prices and rising interest rates.

news headlines about recession, inflation, and interest rates 2022

And corporate America is getting hit right between the eyes.

Over the past decade, these companies spent money like drunken sailors on leave. They increased head count and expenses soared.

They were on cruise control, even if profits and growth suffered. They were content with increasing their businesses by single digits each year.

Well, those days are over…

The Big Squeeze

Now, every ounce of profit is being squeezed to the max.

Expenses that were no big deal during the good years are being cut. Workers that were hired when times were good are being laid off.

Peloton has cut more than 4,000 jobs. JPMorgan is laying off over 1,000 employees. And even Netflix and Microsoft are axing parts of their workforces.

In fact, I have several friends who were recently laid off. They’re now pounding their keyboards, looking for jobs. So far, they have a few leads, but no offers.

I really wish them the best. Boy, what a difference even just a year makes.

All of a sudden, we’ve gone from a strong economy to a corporate America that is out of shape.

And it’s time for these companies to go on a crash diet and slim down…

Crash Diets

Investors and company boards no longer have patience for subpar performance and falling stock prices.

They want change, and they want it now.

And that’s why close to 700 CEOs have resigned, retired or been booted out so far this year.

Because when business slows down, the first to get the blame are CEOs. So, they’re getting shown the door since the fat times are over.

But many of these companies need more than just a management change.

Sometimes — as hard as you try on your own — you need someone pushing you to get out of your comfort zone. They basically need “personal trainers.”

And corporate America’s personal trainers are a special group of investors positioning themselves to make money hand over fist.

These investors know something that the average investor has no idea about. And I’m going to show you what they’re buying — and how you can invest alongside them.

I’ve seen this movie many times before, and the ending usually turns out very profitable.

So, tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET, I’m going live and giving it to you straight — Real Talk, like I always do. And I guarantee you that what I share with you will knock your socks off.

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Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi

Founder, Alpha Investor