Built This Citi Coinbase Meme Big

We Built This Citi On … Coinbase?

Coinbase Global (Nasdaq: COIN) is knee-deep in the hoopla once again. And cryptocurrency naysayers are sinking in their fight.

Bright and early this morning, Citi joined the bullish side of the Coinbase equation, initiating COIN stock with a “buy/high-risk” rating and a $415 price target.

For those of you unfamiliar with Coinbase — shame on you, by the way — the company offers infrastructure and technology for the cryptocurrency market. More specifically, Coinbase is the second-largest crypto exchange in the world.

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It has more than 6.1 million monthly active users and handles roughly 56 million clients worldwide at more than 1,700 institutions. In 2020, more than $195 billion in crypto transactions changed hands on Coinbase’s crypto exchange.

The company will store your crypto coins for you at no charge, but it does charge fees when you buy, sell or convert cryptocurrencies … which is how Coinbase makes bank.

And that’s where Citi’s buy recommendation comes in. According to Citi, Coinbase “offers investors direct exposure to increased retail and institutional adoption” of cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, Citi believes that increased regulation will work in Coinbase’s favor. Let’s face it: We all know more crypto regulation is coming … it’s just a matter of when.

After all, someone’s always playing cryptocurrency games. Who cares, they’re always changing cryptocurrency names. We just want to trade here. Someone stole the stage. They call crypto traders irresponsible — write us off the page.

Starship? Really? So, when does Marconi play the mamba? Do I have to listen to the radio?

Don’t you remember … just how controversial that song was? People fought for months over who actually “built this city.” It was almost as ridiculous as the cryptocurrency fight going on right now.

But Citi isn’t worried. According to the U.S. bank, Coinbase’s early acceptance of regulatory compliance is a good thing:

To a degree, we think rising regulations could be a positive for Coinbase’s competitive positioning, particularly versus business models that predominantly rely on markets being unregulated.

Yes, I know that one of crypto’s biggest appeals is its lack of regulation … the lack of centralized control. But a little control can be a good thing … such as more secure rules and regulations for storing cryptocurrencies. Anyone who’s had crypto wallet troubles would agree with me there, right?

We just don’t want the Fed or any other central bank taking over. That defeats the purpose of a decentralized currency.

Still, Citi did have a warning for COIN stock bulls … hence the “high-risk” designation. So, what’s Citi’s issue with Coinbase? Ironically, it’s crypto.

Citi says that Coinbase’s biggest risk stems from exposure to the cryptocurrency market. Yeah. That made my head hurt too. Here’s how I imagine a conversation with the Citi analyst would go:

Great Stuff: So, why do you think Coinbase is a buy?
Citi: Because cryptos rock, yo!
Great Stuff: I like cryptos too, my man! Do you have any concerns about Coinbase?
Citi: Umm … cryptos?
Great Stuff: Of course … wait, what?!

Unfortunately for COIN stock bulls, Citi’s bullish note didn’t sway anyone on Wall Street. The stock bounced around breakeven all day and didn’t make any headway. That said, one thing is true about Coinbase and COIN stock … the more acceptance cryptocurrencies gain, the bigger this company is going to get.

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Bezos, Jeffrey Bezos.

Amazon Spy MI5 and MI6 Mr Bean Meme

We all know that Amazon.com’s (Nasdaq: AMZN) always been in the spy game. After all, those Alexa devices scattered around the house are really adept at listening to our conversations.

But according to the Financial Times, the king of retail has been aiding and abetting in a very different kind of espionage lately.

See, Amazon apparently signed a deal with U.K. spy agencies earlier this year that allows the famed MI5 and MI6 divisions to use Amazon Web Services to “crunch data” with AI tech.

Amazon isn’t supposed to have access to any of the bureau’s intelligence work, but when you consider that this information was never supposed to go public in the first place … how can we be so sure? Maybe the U.K. has a double agent in its midst, or maybe Amazon just isn’t cut out to lead a life of danger…

Just … Why?

It's A Dollar General Star Wars Blue Origin Meme

Speaking of Amazon, have y’all heard about the Orbital Reef that Blue Origin wants to build with the help of Boeing (NYSE: BA) and friends? It’s basically a commercially operated space station designed to be a “business park in space.”

Umm … have you seen business parks on Earth?

Give it a few years, and the Orbital Reef will be outfitted with a Little Caesar’s and an H&R Block, complete with a Dollar General orbiting the whole facility. Why would we want that in space when we’ve got a bazillion of those outfits down here?

Shipping In Short Supply

UPS Shipping Notice And It's Gone South Park Meme

United Parcel Service (NYSE: UPS) rallied more than 7% this morning after reporting quarterly earnings of $2.71 per share, a whole $0.16 higher than analysts’ expectations. Meanwhile, revenue rose 9.2% from the year prior to $23.3 billion.

That’s all fine and dandy, except when you realize that UPS has been making more money while shipping fewer packages … and the only reason it’s staying afloat is that it’s hiking shipping costs across the board.

And let’s not forget about all those labor shortages plaguing the courier commander, which will affect UPS’s shipping volume heading into the holiday shopping season. You know, the busiest — and most lucrative — time of the year.

Not that UPS was deterred, mind you. The company raised its full-year operating profit target from 12.7% to 13% … which is nice if you’re a “cup half full” kinda person.

Draft … Denied!

DraftKings Bender Futurama Sports Betting Site Meme

It’s the week of buyout breakups — first PayPal with its total ghosting of Pinterest, and now DraftKings (Nasdaq: DKNG) comes along with its own tie-up tear-down.

DraftKings previously bid $20 billion in stock and cash for U.K.-based betting company Entain, but as of today, DraftKings is walking away … leaving Entain at the drive-thru altar.

Hmm, did this have anything to do with MGM Resorts’ (NYSE: MGM) ties to Entain? Uhh … yeah! MGM is still trying to get its edge in this brave new digital betting world with BetMGM, which is tied to Entain. And before DraftKings entered the bizarre love triangle, MGM had bid a wimpy $11 billion to buy out Entain entirely.

It’s like MGM finally realized you could make money online, where you don’t have to … you know … literally be seated in a Vegas casino to gamble? Then a better suitor crops ups (DraftKings), throwing its chips down on the table, and MGM decided there was absolutely no way this deal was going through.

Entain is a big part of its digital foothold, so MGM dropped a “statement in late September, saying that any deal would require its consent.” Methinks DraftKings read the room and quickly bowed out.

DKNG investors frankly don’t care if DraftKings picks up Entain or not … the stock was up as much as 7% on the news. I mean, hey, that’s $20 billion in new podcast sponsorships freed up right there!

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