Markets are in a free fall over fears of the coronavirus — and investors are outright panicking.

But how you react today will greatly impact how much money you’ll have in five years.

If you sell during times of panic, you’re going to regret it. That’s because the same fear that made you sell today will stop you from buying tomorrow.

No, I don’t have a crystal ball.

And I can’t tell you what the markets will do this year, today or even 10 minutes from now.

But I can tell you this: When the market offers you a great business at a fantastic price, it shouldn’t take you more than a New York minute to buy it.

In today’s video, I share what 37 years on Wall Street have taught me about keeping a level head during times of market volatility.

These same basic principles helped make Warren Buffett one of the greatest investors of all time.

And they could help send your portfolio soaring as other investors bite the dust.


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Charles Mizrahi

Editor, Alpha Investor Report