AK and I have some huge things in the works…In fact, I’ve been so busy transitioning to the new Trade Room software, I didn’t even have time to write an article this week.I’ve also been prepping my option education courses for the 3PM Trade Room sessions…There’s been a massive demand for this training series, and I can’t wait to share it with Trade Kings members as soon as it’s finished.But we’re also extremely excited about this new Trade Room…AK already revolutionized the online live trading space once, and this newest platform will do it again – and this time, even better.A few of you even helped stress test the new Trade Room yesterday. And although we had a few technical difficulties getting it open for you guys, the test run was still successful.We were able to identify a few bugs that need fixing, which is only natural with a platform of this magnitude and quality.But we also saw some great feedback on the audio and video quality – much improved from our former setup.That’s right, this new Trade Room will feature live video feed!It will also feature an interactive chat room, more engaging than anything you’ve seen in the trading space.And that’s just the foundation. No spoilers, but we have a TON of new features planned.As a former web developer, I can promise you these features will be awesome!I can’t wait to get this platform live!If you’re ready to jump into the game and stop standing on the sidelines, click here for details about joining us in Trade Kings.The results speak for themselves…Not only are AK’s opening bell calls an absolute riot of riches, my coaching sessions have helped countless members become better, smarter, more experienced traders.This is what we do in Trade KingsCome join us.Now, some quick market talk.The Fed just raised interest rates 75 basis points, as expected. And the market is plumbing the lows of the week in response, as I write.I’ll be calling my coaching session from 3-4pm EST this afternoon, and I’ll give my thoughts on the Fed speech at that time.

Talk to you guys then,

Bryan KlindworthSenior Analyst, Kings Corner