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Adam O’Dell’s Hell In A Cell

Overture, curtain, lights! This is it, the night of nights! No more rehearsing and nursing a part…

Something, something … on with the show this is it!

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Great Ones, we have only the most distinguished of company joining us for tonight’s bash. So, file in now, relax, because it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight … to another Great Stuff Interview.

Some of you are still writing in to ask about our interview series, ever since we sat down with tech guru Ian King about the big hype with small-cap stocks.

Y’all knew it was only a matter of time before we convinced one of the other cool cats and kittens here at Banyan Hill to let us bother them for a day of questioning. Or an “interview” if you want to be all stuffy and high-brow about it.

But I’m no Barbara Walters — perish the thought — and this is no tame tête-à-tête. No siree! Today we’re going inside the trader’s studio with Banyan Hill’s own Adam O’Dell — a lil’ trade-worthy chit chat like Great Stuff does best.

Adam is the chief investment strategist for our friends over at Money & Markets. Many of you already follow his work in Green Zone Fortunes and Home Run Profits, but if this is the first you’re hearing of him … oh, listen up, you lucky dog you!

This week, Adam wants to show all y’all Great Ones out there how to grab your own Wednesday Windfalls.

Join us now as we forego our usual midweek mischief and hear it from the man himself: Adam O’Dell.

Mr. Great Stuff:

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Adam, I’m glad you took the time away from the Wednesday wackiness to sit down with me … well, on the other side of Skype, at least.

We haven’t caught up since that one time — remember? With the … thing?

Anyway, many Great Ones out there will know you from reading up on genomics stocks — especially that whole “Imperium” trend you brought to our attention. But some of our readers basically live under rocks (and no judgment from this hermit, either).

For everyone else not on the Imperium gravy train … can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Get comfy and spin the yarn ‘round the Great Stuff campfire, Adam.

Adam O’Dell:

Funny, campfires are my favorite!

Look, I’m just a regular guy from West Virginia who fell in love with trading the markets. Way back when, I was pre-med … turned currency trader … turned hedge fund and strategy consultant.

But I got tired of being boxed in and knew I could do some really innovative stuff if I could just do things my way.

So here I am today: 10 years down the road, showing regular folks how to make Wall Street money from home. And I love every second of it.

Mr. Great Stuff:

West Virginia … mountain mama … take me home, country roads.

Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. Anyway, a West Virginian boy done good!

You, of all people, should know that good trading stories spread around Banyan Hill faster than the smell of microwaved fish. You’ll have to brag a bit today, fair warning, because I’ve heard talk ‘round the virtual water cooler that this new two-day trade is going insane. Everyone here at Banyan is talking about it.

Tell us about this new system of yours — what’s it all about?

Adam O’Dell:

Yeah, it’s bonkers. This trade has absolutely caught fire.

I discovered it last December. By January, a few of my publishers started trading it as well. Now everyone wants in. And it’s literally the simplest trade I’ve ever come across.

It takes just two days from start to finish. We’re in on Monday … out on Wednesday, 48 hours later. And it shows up every week, like clockwork.

The only guesswork is over how much coin we’ll have to count come Wednesday afternoon!

And get this: My publishers had the chance to log 15 winners of 100% or more in the time they used my system. After waiting just two days to close each trade!

They made windfalls of 104% … 234% … 388% … and even 439%.

All told — and we had a Certified Public Accountant verify all this — we beat the market by 51X over six months of trading.

Mr. Great Stuff:

Somebody say Eugene O'Dell meme

Hold up. 51X the market?!

Dude… And I thought Great Stuff Picks knocks it out of the park.

So much for that whole “markets are efficient!” thing, huh? I hope Eugene Fama isn’t reading this and choking on his dinner. How is beating the market by 51X even possible?

If the proof is in the pudding, I need me some pudding … and proof. How’d you do it? Stock market sorcery?

Adam O’Dell:

HA! You know Fama’s had to backtrack on that, right?

Besides, what I think he meant was that the markets are mostly efficient, on average. The same way plus-one and minus-one average out to zero.

So, I make a dollar in the market … you lose a dollar … and there, the market looks “efficient.”

Plus Fama — no offense, he’s a great mind — he’s an ivory tower type of guy. But I’m a trader. I just want to help people make money. And with the right strategy, you absolutely can beat the market.

And when you find a unique trade … one that no one else knows about … you can really crush those returns!

Case in point: I’ve been told that, overall, my new trading strategy returned 663% over six months of live trading. That’s net — winners and losers included.

Meanwhile, the S&P returned just 13%. So, we didn’t just beat the market … we beat it 51X over.

Mr. Great Stuff:

51X the market O'Dell Yes but actually no meme

OK, I concede: That’s some Great Stuff right there.

But Adam, around here, we like our trading strategies easy like Sunday morning: simple, replicable … and not all that time-consuming. I’ve got stuff to do, you know? Important … Stuff.

I hate to break it to you, but whenever I hear about new trading strategies with results like yours, I think one of two things:

  • I’m going to need a dang math doctorate to understand how to place the trade.
  • Or I need to watch my account like a hawk every single second of the day. And nobody’s got time for that.

What makes Wednesday Windfalls different? I’m all set and ready to go chasing waterfalls — er, windfalls. But what kind of swimmies … or, rather, handholding … am I gonna need here?

Adam O’Dell:

You know, that’s actually what I love about the markets — they don’t care what Ivy-League degree you have! And this isn’t day-trading.

Like you, I’m a keep-it-simple type of guy. And this is seriously the simplest trade I’ve ever come up with.

In fact, I’ve even tested it out on complete beginners. I took a lady in our office from “I’ve never made this type of trade in my life” to “easiest money I’ve ever made!”

All she had to do … all anyone has to do … is watch out for my “New Trade” email every Monday at 2 p.m. Eastern time, followed by my “Exit” email every Wednesday at 2 p.m.

Most folks make the trade on their phones. And it only takes a minute or two … five minutes max, if you type like a grandmother. (No offense to grandmothers!)

All we have to do is follow our rules … and we’re golden.

Mr. Great Stuff:

Oof, let me stop you right there. Rules? We don’t do that here … especially not after the incident.

Great Ones aren’t typically the rule-abiding crowd. We’re not really the color-between-the-lines kinda folks … and it’s not just because the crayons are tasty.

But hey, if following a few simple rules can get those results for first-time traders, I’m all for trying to abide by the rules. (Just this once…)

Adam O’Dell:

My bad — I misspoke. I’m the one who has to follow my own rules. You just have to follow my advice.

Look, I call this “rules-based” trading. But some other people call it “systems” trading. The point is … I don’t read tea leaves or look to my belly button for new trade ideas.

I find trade “triggers” that work, if you like the word “triggers” better than “rules,” … and then I just act on those triggers every time they fire off.

It keeps the emotion out of it. The guesswork. The doubt. The shoulda, woulda, coulda that frustrated and amateur investors are always fighting.

Look, I want to keep my marriage! I want to enjoy my life.

I used to work for a trader who nearly got divorced every single day. He was a toxic mess of emotions, especially when he was down money. He had no system … no “rules” … no discipline.

Lucky for me, the other partner at that fund was a “systems” trader. He programmed the rules of his strategy into a laptop … which would sound off an obnoxious alarm bell whenever a trade got triggered … and he literally spent the rest of the day playing pingpong or reading in a hammock.

No stress. No self-sabotaging emotions.

I’m telling you, rules … proven systems … that’s how you make money in this game.

Mr. Great Stuff:

OK, those do sound like some good rules. Who’d’a thunk it? (See, rules of proper contractions hold no meaning here.)

Following trading rules, on the other hand, leads you to a life of hammock trading … drinking piña coladas on the beach. I can dig this hammock (phrasing?)

It’s an incredibly rosy picture you paint, but again, I feel I must play the role of the skeptical hard-hitting journalist.

Because it sounds just too good to be true … what gives?

Adam O’Dell:

There’s no “catch” … but you do have to show up every week. I’m telling people to show up every Monday and make every trade.

Of course, not every trade is a winner. You’ve gotta know that. That’s basic. And the swings can be big.

But when you’re winning more often than you’re losing … and when your winners are bigger than your losers … you don’t need a Ph.D. in math to know you’re coming out ahead in the end.

Again, we traded this strategy live for over six months. And we made net returns of 663% … while the market was up 13%.

Through it all, what I’m most proud of is the success of the total novices in our group. Like the one I took from “never traded” to “easiest money I’ve made” in just a couple of days.

Honest to God, that’s what I do this for. I’ve been working for the little guy … the underdogs … for over 10 years now.

And that’s why I have to keep these trades as simple as humanly possible. So anyone who shows up on Monday and makes these simple trades has a realistic shot at crushing the market and making life-changing money.

Mr. Great Stuff:

Hmm, well, that seems like a fair trade-off. A few minutes time spent to make gains of up to 440% in 48 hours — a small price to pay for pure market domination.

Adam, it’s been mighty fine having a chat with you today. And I’m sure Great Ones are super keen to find out more about your new Wednesday Windfalls strategy.

So where can they?

Adam O’Dell:

Well, I’m hosting a live event on September 23 where I’m doing a deep dive into this strategy … plus, I’m going to show how attendees of the event can get started with it personally.

Spots are limited, though, so click here and register to attend this FREE online event ASAP.

Mr. Great Stuff:

You Great Ones owe it to yourself to check it out! Not many strategies out there are incredibly simple and still manage to beat the market by 51X.

One final question, Adam: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Adam O’Dell:

It’s a trick question: There is no swallow, and this is all a simulation.

Mr. Great Stuff:

Good answer! And thanks again for coming on, Adam. I’ll see you at your event!

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And to all you Great Ones out there, what’d you think of today’s special feature? Would you like to hear more from our friends around Banyan Hill? And have you ever invested in one of Adam O’Dell’s trading strategies before?

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