It feels contrarian to be bullish right now.And that’s crazy to me…Investors are worried about rising interest rates, inflation, and COVID-19 cases ramping up again.But heading into 2022, as you’ll see in a couple of weeks, I’m expecting another double-digit rally for the broad stock market.And I think one area in particular will outperform.I’ll reveal what this is, and why I’m so bullish on the stock market, in our end-of-year predictions series.The whole team and I are going to lay out our big predictions for 2022. So be sure to stay tuned for that for my top sector to trade in 2022, and other insights from the True Options Masters crew.But today’s dispatch isn’t just a teaser…Because I just uploaded my latest Bank It or Tank It video.What’s funny is, I think my outlook may have played into my bias today…Because all five stocks we’re looking at are on my Bank It list.Just click here or the thumbnail below to check it out.

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Today we’re looking at companies like i3 Verticals (IIIV), a payment and software solutions company…Merck and Co. (MRK), the pharmaceutical giant…And, maybe controversially, beaten-down Robinhood (HOOD).Those, along with two others, ended up on my Bank It list even though their price charts have been all over the place.I’m also taking a deeper dive into the Relative Rotation Graph — or Profit Radar, as I like to call it — to give us a quick glimpse at where each stock is on the natural rotation of things.To see my full analysis on these five stocks, just click here to watch my latest Bank It or Tank It video.And be sure to look out for our prediction series the last week of the year.Regards,Chad Shoop, CMTEditor, Quick Hit ProfitsP.S. If you’ve been following along, you know that the Profit Radar is a key component to my newly launched Fast Lane Profits advisory.The way it works is simple. We use the Profit Radar to spot the fastest-moving sector of the market… And then dive down deeper to find the fastest-moving stock in that sector.It’s so simple, yet it’s still produced plenty of triple-digit gains in just a matter of days.Like just Tuesday, when my subscribers booked a 137% gain in 4 days trading put options on IWM, after it was due for a fall.Get the full details on how Fast Lane Profits works, right here. But don’t wait — we’re only reopening it for a short time.