Apple kicked off its presentation on Monday in the most dramatic way possible.

Craig Federighi, a senior vice president, descended through what looked like a spaceship.

Epic music played in the background as Federighi posed with a stern expression on his face.

The sci-fi scenery set the stage for Apple to finally reveal a new product.

Maybe a gaming console or virtual reality headset…

Or its rumored Apple Car.

Not this year.

Instead, iPhone users can now change the font on their lock screens.

And the MacBook Air will come in two new colors: “Midnight” and “Starlight.”

The two-hour presentation was full of minor tweaks and upgrades.

Apple clearly isn’t a next-gen company anymore. It’s just trying to look like one.

The last time it came out with an innovative product was the iPhone … all the way back in 2007.

The real next-gen companies are in Ian King’s Strategic Fortunes portfolio.

You won’t believe how fast some of them are growing…

Ian’s Top Next-Gen Technologies

When it comes to investing, Ian looks beyond the superstars of today. Instead, he goes after tomorrow’s leaders.

That’s why he’s highlighted four tech companies for his Strategic Fortunes subscribers.

Unlike Apple, all of them are bringing next-gen tech to the market.

Those include:

Genetic testing

Our DNA can give us clues about our risks for heart disease, cancer and other health threats.

There’s just one problem: These tests are incredibly expensive.

It cost roughly $2.7 billion to map the human genome back in 2003.

But one company is making genetic screens that cost less than $1,000.

Ian calls it “the Amazon of the genetic testing space.”

He believes its stock could soar 10X in the next three years.


Battery storage

U.S. solar capacity is expected to soar over the next several decades.

But solar power needs battery storage in order to be reliable.

And there’s only one company that offers an all-in-one battery solution.

Ian’s readers sold half their position in January 2021 for an incredible 780% gain.

And the stock has room to run as the solar boom continues.



Ransomware is evolving. And most cybersecurity firms aren’t keeping up.

That’s why the global cost of cybercrime is growing 15% every year.

But one cybersecurity firm is making it easy to shut down attacks.

With cybercrime on the rise, this company’s services are in higher demand than ever.

Ian believes this stock could rally 200% in the next two years.


Charging stations

Ian thinks electric vehicle (EV) sales will accelerate faster than anyone expects.

But that won’t be possible without a nationwide charging network.

Before we know it, charging stations will be the new gas stations.

One company in this space is already growing at a 47% compound annual rate.

Ian says the stock could triple in the next few years.


And don’t forget about the Next Gen Coin.

This crypto is set to disrupt the entire $100 global financial industry.

Next-Gen Companies Are Making Our Lives Better

Now, Apple has over $200 billion in cash on hand.

So it has the funds to pivot toward entertainment or electric vehicles if it needs to.

But Apple’s period of massive growth is over.

That’s because the future belongs to the next-gen companies in Strategic Fortunes.

Their disruptive technologies are making our lives better:

  • Genetic testing keeps us healthier and helps us live longer.
  • Battery storage lowers our electric bills and reduces pollution.
  • Cybersecurity keeps our sensitive data safe and stops hackers.
  • Charging stations make electric vehicles convenient and practical.

These technologies will change our lives the way smartphones changed everything in 2007.

That’s why the companies behind them will be the stock market superstars of the 2020s and beyond.



Jay Goldberg

Assistant Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing

Morning Movers


From open till noon Eastern time.

Couchbase Inc. (Nasdaq: BASE) provides a database for enterprise applications worldwide. The stock jumped 14% after the company reported results for the first quarter with sales that exceeded both Wall Street estimates and the company’s own forecasts.


PHX Minerals Inc. (NYSE: PHX) operates as a natural gas and oil mineral company. It is up 10% on the disclosure that insider and major shareholder SRP Capital Advisors recently acquired over 81,000 additional shares in the company.


FTC Solar Inc. (Nasdaq: FTCI) provides solar tracker systems, technology, software and engineering services. The stock rose 9% after analysts at UBS maintained their buy rating on the stock and raised the price target from $4 to $8.


Yext Inc. (NYSE: YEXT) organizes business facts about its clients on a cloud-platform so they can provide answers to consumer questions. The stock climbed 9% after the company reported both an earnings and revenue beat for the first quarter.


AbCellera Biologics Inc. (Nasdaq: ABCL) develops and operates an artificial intelligence-powered antibody discovery platform for the development of drugs. It is up 9% after insider Holdings Ltd. Thermopylae purchased 64,545 additional shares of the company’s stock.


Nutex Health Inc. (Nasdaq: NUTX) is a technology-enabled health care services company. The stock is up 9% today despite having no significant news to report.


Signet Jewelers Ltd, (NYSE: SIG) operates as an international diamond jewelry retailer. The stock is up 8% after the company beat its profit estimates for the first quarter and increased its stock repurchase program.


Arcellx Inc. (Nasdaq: ACLX) develops various immunotherapies for patients with cancer and other incurable diseases. It is up 8%, continuing its climb from Wednesday and earlier in the week after it reported positive data from a study of its treatment for multiple myeloma.


Mission Produce Inc. (Nasdaq: AVO) engages in sourcing, producing, packaging and distributing avocados. It climbed 8% after the company delivered strong second-quarter revenues despite lower volumes thanks to rising avocado prices.


Valens Semiconductor Ltd. (NYSE: VLN) provides semiconductor products for the audio-video and automotive industries. The stock is up 8% after the company struck a deal to provide smart-home technology company Crestron Electronics with its chipsets.


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