Great Stuff knows your questions. We know your dreams. We know all the market investments you want to see. It’s a cult of personality thing, you know.

A Cult of Personality

Look in my eyes, what do you see?

It’s Great Stuff’s Reader Feedback day!

I know your questions. I know your dreams. I know all the investments you want to see.

I’m the cult of personality! Like Jerome Powell and Kennedy, I’m the cult of personality.

OK. Enough of that. That’s silly. I’m not like either of those people, let’s be honest.

But Great Stuff does have its own cult of personality. And one of our biggest draws (according to your emails) is the Great Stuff Picks portfolio. Today we’ll shed some light on this portfolio and go over a few details … a few provisos … a couple quid pro quos:

Neon lights, Nobel prize: The Great Stuff Picks portfolio is a free service. As a free service, you don’t get all the bells and whistles of a paid portfolio research service. That means no dedicated portfolio page, James G.

You don’t have to follow me: But you should on the daily. There are no real-time trade alerts. If you miss a day of Great Stuff, you could very well miss a new recommendation. I advise you to make Great Stuff a part of your balanced breakfast — it goes well with Lucky Charms — or as part of your evening ritual alongside a tasty beverage.

Only you can set you free: There’s no personal portfolio management. If I recommend a stock, when you buy and at what price is completely up to you. The same goes for exiting a recommendation. I’ll certainly let you know when I think it’s time to take profits. But your risk tolerance and investment goals are your own.

Oh, and this goes without saying: Neither I nor any Great Stuff team member owns or has an interest in any of the stocks or companies we recommend. Them’s the rules, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Finally, dear reader, you gave me fortune. You gave me fame. (This is fame?) You gave me power in your market’s game. Here’s the portfolio, you need to see:

Here’s the Great Stuff portfolio, you need to see.

That’s two weeks in a row for portfolio updates. Don’t get off feeling spoiled now, capeesh? Going forward, I’ll run through this on a monthly basis, so stay tuned to Great Stuff. You don’t want to miss a thing!

And if you really want to be spoiled with all the bells and whistles, wait until you see what greatness is cooking up right here. Click me!

Now, let’s get right to answering your emails! If you haven’t written in yet, drop us a line at We don’t bite … unless you ask nicely.

Great Stuff Reader Feedback

Today’s edition of Reader Feedback is brought to you by the letter “O.” That’s right — we reached way down in the inbox grab bag to pull out your thoughts on options, omitting census info, on the road, outrageous gains and the “oopsie woopsie” that never was.

And unless you see your beautiful name in bold below … that “O” should also stand for “Oh no! I better write to Great Stuff right now.” is where you can spill your guts or your genius — you decide which. Let’s dive into your emails!

A Curious Case of Cold Feet

I am a newbie. Since March of this year I have invested minor amounts into 11 different stocks. I would like to learn more about options however I am a little afraid to start at this point.

I am in central time zone and always seem to let market close ahead of making a decision to purchase.

I am hoping a little more experience will help me eventually.

— Wilma H.

A newbie? Interested in learning about options?!

Wilma, we were destined to cross paths, just as you were destined to sink your teeth into the juicy market meat we call Options Land. Come with me now on a derivative journey through market time and space…

The Great Stuff gang and I actually wrote up a quick-and-dirty guide (read: just the most important info) on where to start with the options market not too long ago. We also demystify a bunch of that mumbo jumbo that you probably skimmed right through on Investopedia.

Click here to get into the groove — with Great Stuff as your options oracle.

Anyway, if you’ve felt like Wilma here and debated getting into options, there’s nary been a better time. And if you’re truly, madly, deeply terrified of going about it alone, why not let a resident options expert do all the heavy lifting for you?

Picture this: one trade. One ticker symbol. Once a week. Turns out, that’s all you need to target 100% gains or more — in just two days, on average — with each and every trade letting you adjust your market perspective on a dime.

Click here to learn how!

See, Wilma? One question on options, and I’m rambling like a loosey-goosey faulty faucet. Oh, and say “Hi!” to Fred and give Dino some head pats for me, will you?

Shorely You Can’t Be Sure-ious?

The charms and perils of auto spell checker…

Hi, I think this should be ‘shore’ not sure … in fact I’m sure it should be ‘shore.’ :o)

‘Hit with $4 billion in options contracts, marketmakers buy tech stocks to sure up their side of the options trade.’


— Gordon N., Auckland, New Zealand

Hello Gordon! We’re both technically correct (the best kind of correct). “Shore up” makes sense in that you’d want to support your end of the deal with tech stocks on hand. “Sure up” makes sense in that the marketmakers made their side more secure.

Auto spell checker? Psshaw, we make our mistakes live, loud and all-analog, sans those spell-sleuthing safety nets.

That said, I appreciate you looking out, Gordon. And my proofreader does not appreciate the initial mini heart attack from your email (they take these things seriously, you know).

Jolly Old Saint Nikola

I bought Nikola when it first took off at mid $70s. Then it drops to $40s and I lost my shirt when I sold it. Then it took off and bought at low $40s and bought more at mid-$30s. And now this! I never owned a stock that went up 40% in one day!

That made my day! Thanks for great tip! Keep those good comments and tips coming!

Joe G.

Thank you, great call on Nikola. I am up 4k big ones thanks to you.


Thank you both for writing in! Know what makes my day? Emails like this. Well … and the Nikola Corp. (Nasdaq: NKLA) news that propelled it.

Now don’t let those short sellers get you selling (or shorting). There’s more to come from this hydrogen cell-fueled engine. But, if you took profits recently, I don’t blame you. You know, because of that whole “volatility” thing. We’ll get more into Nikola tomorrow. Same Great Stuff time. Same Great Stuff channel.

Have YOU personally invested in a Great Stuff Pick yet? If not, what’s stopping you? Let us know at

If Anyone Asks, I’ve Been Home Since ‘53…

I wonder what percentage of “living at home” is similar to my personal experience: I was in my twenties, and between 1953 and 1962 I spent two years in the military service and then had a traveling job with a large corporation. During this time, I kept a legal residence at my parent’s house, which I occasionally visited when it was convenient.

The 1960 census recorded me as “living at home,” even though I was traveling all over the country.

Thomas B.

I don’t have specifics, Kerouac, but my guess is “not many.”

Though, I’d love to be wrong here. All right you vagabonds lying low out there, the census jig is up.

Mr. Great Stuff? He’s Just This Guy, You Know?



Douglas Adams would be proud. 42.

Ted B.

You are a trippy dude! That being said, your newsletter is way above the others on the enjoyable reading index. Who said stocks have to be so serious? Entertainment factor aside, I always come away with more investing knowledge that is useful. The old adage, if you like the messenger…

Kudos on NKLA!

Oh, and I am crazy (at least that’s what my husband tells me).

But I bought it so I guess it takes one to know one — HA!

Now … about those pharmaceuticals in my portfolio?!!!

Donna, i.e., Crazy Jayne and the mission man or OOOOH Donna.

Richard, Ted, Donna — you and every other Great One out there are the real MVPs here. Thank you for tuning in!

Oh, and Ted, you are one hoopy frood that really knows where his towel is.

Gather ‘Round the Great Stuff

Like Ma bringing home Pizza Hut for the fam on a Friday night, Reader Feedback days are always the best part of my week. (Don’t tell the other weekdays I said that … they think I’m still a “Tuesday” kinda guy.)

Thank you to each and every one of you who wrote in! If you sent us an email and we didn’t reply back, either your time shall soon come … or we couldn’t answer your rants without causing a global relations nightmare.

We’ll catch you this time next week (or thereabouts) with your next installment of Reader Feedback.

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Until next time, be Great!

Joseph Hargett

Editor, Great Stuff