My wife and I take our family on a big vacation every year.

Last year was our biggest yet…


It’s been on our “wish list” for the 20 years we’ve been married.

And I have to say, it lived up to everything we thought it would be, and more.

One of the highlights was our stop at the town of Lahaina, on the island of Maui.

If the name “Lahaina” sounds familiar, that’s because it made national news this past summer.

The entire town was engulfed by a fire … destroying 2,000 homes, hundreds of businesses and tragically killing 100 people.

Initially, it was also reported that it destroyed the landmark banyan tree that stood in the middle of the town.

This tree is over 150 years old, covers 2.6 acres and is the largest banyan tree in the U.S.

My 4 kids (ages 7 to 14) enjoyed playing on it (picture below).

This photo was taken just two months before the fire.

Aaron James Family with Banyan Tree

At first, people thought it was gone.

But, the tree survived.


Because as a banyan tree’s branches grow, they extend new roots, which then become another source of strength. And those additional roots helped give this tree the water and nourishment it needed to survive the fire.

The Lahaina banyan tree has since bloomed, and shown signs that, despite being damaged, its widely spread root system will allow it to flourish once again.

As you might imagine, the banyan tree inspired our company’s name … Banyan Hill.

Down here in South Florida, the banyan trees can survive any hurricane that comes their way.

And likewise, we want to survive any financial storms that may come our way.

And the past few years have been nothing short of a financial storm.

We’ve all felt it…

  • The Crash of 2020: When the coronavirus sent everyone into a panic, and the market fell 30% within a month.
  • The Bull Market of 2021: When everyone from 15-year-old kids to “sit in their parent’s basement 40-year-olds” became brilliant stock pickers, as stocks … especially speculative startups … surged higher.
  • The Great Blah of 2022-2023 (That’s what I call it): When the Fed hiked interest rates to slow inflation, causing both the stock market and bond market to stumble lower, crushing anyone who followed the classic 60/40 portfolio.

This unpredictable, volatile market has shaken millions of Americans out of the stock market.

They’ve decided to sell their stocks along with other assets and put $5.9 trillion in cash.

That’s a record number and a 24% increase from last year.

Amazing, considering that the Dow recently hit all-time highs.

My hope is that you are not on the sidelines.

Money in cash rarely does a lot of good for you, or society.

It’s like a treadmill … sitting in the corner of your garage, collecting dust and slowly falling apart.

It’s best if you put it to use.

Same with cash.

It’s much better invested…

My hope is that you’ve had the chance to use our diverse team of experts — Charles Mizrahi, Ian King, Michael Carr, Amber Lancaster, Andrew Prince and Adam O’Dell — to invest.

They have helped guide the thousands of Banyan Hill members through the turbulence.

I’ll admit, it wasn’t perfect.

We made some mistakes. (And you do a great job of letting us know when that happens!)

But we made it.

We survived the financial wildfire of the past few years.

And once again, we’re flourishing.

Over these last few years…

  • Charles was able to identify a cloud company that is currently up 522%.
  • Ian is up 568% on a crypto play.
  • And Adam is up 376% on a construction company.

By the way, these are not their closed gains (those are even more impressive).

All of these positions are still open.

They are still going higher.

And each was made in our entry-level services that you can join for about $199 a year.

(If you email me at, I’ll have a team member reach out to you to help you decide which service is right for you, and how to sign up for about half the price.)

I hope you’ve been able to participate in some of these gains.


Update on WRAP: Last week, I wrote about WRAP Technologies (Nasdaq: WRAP). Over 100 of you wrote in stating that you also decided to invest, from Sandra who bought 2 shares to Greg who bought 5,000 shares. I expect this stock to be volatile, but ultimately a great investment over the long-run as it gains a bigger and bigger market share. Go here to read the full article.


Our goal has been to replicate the banyan tree … helping you survive, and thrive, in any financial fire, or storm.

Which brings me to today’s topic.

I am proud to announce that you now have…

3 New Investment Strategies for 2024

In just the past few months alone, we’ve put a few new market-beating investment strategies to work…

  • In October, Adam O’Dell launched his Infinite Momentum Right now, 8 of his 10 positions are up, with winners as high as 30%. And those two down positions? They’re down just 2%.
  • In November, Michael Carr went live with his Apex Alert And right now, it’s batting 1,000%. That’s right. Not a single losing trade.

Currently, access to these strategies is closed. We are not accepting new memberships.

But, here’s the great news…

Charles Mizrahi is revealing a new investment strategy tomorrow at 1 p.m. Eastern time.

And it may just be our most powerful one yet.

Now, you may know Charles as our “buy-and-hold expert” at Banyan Hill.

Charles likes finding stocks that Mr. Market has mispriced, and then … sits on them.

And that strategy has worked great.

I already mentioned his 522% winner, but his other top positions over the last five years are up 190%, 195%, 245% and 207%.

Along with 20 other double-digit winners.

But, you’ve been asking for more from us.

And, behind the scenes, I’ve been asking more from Charles.

Because here’s what you may not know.

Around Wall Street, Charles is known as the “#1 Market Timer.”

That’s what Barron’s crowned him back in the 1990s.

And not just once, or twice, but … over seven years.

How good is he at market timing?

Just look at this chart of how Charles was in and out of markets throughout 1987:

Profit Accelerator Investment Strategy

He bought and sold three times … getting his investors completely out of the market two weeks before the infamous Black Monday that sent stocks spiraling down 22% in one day.

He went on to make gains as high as 100% per year during the 1990s.

So, for the last five years, I’ve been begging Charles to help you make money using this exact strategy … the same one that earned him “#1 Market Timer.”

But he’s been hesitant. (During tomorrow’s event, he will explain why. If you are not signed up yet I will show you how in a moment.)

That was, until a few months ago.

How was I able to convince him?

Well, I wasn’t.

It was his wife!

One night, he was chatting with his wife. He was concerned that many of his readers were trying trading strategies that just wouldn’t work. Not over the long-run.

For Charles, it was like watching a kid play with fire. It’s all fun and games until you get burned.

To which his wife said: “Charles, you are the best trader I’ve ever known. If you don’t want these guys getting burned, stop making excuses and create a trading service.”

And so, the next day, he called me up along with a few others on our team.

He told us his idea.

A strategy he coined … the Profit Accelerator.

It simply uses an “invisible pattern” to signal when one should buy stocks to capture the fastest gains…

To accelerate one’s profits.

We were overjoyed.

He and his team went to work.

Backtesting the strategy over 20 years of data, refining the buy and sell signals and ensuring there was as little risk as possible.

The results…

If you invested with this strategy … including both winning trades and losing trades, month in and month out, reinvesting returns, you would have made a 3,514% gain.

That would turn every $10,000 stake into $351,400.

Another way to look at it: You can reach your financial goals 5X faster than a buy-and-hold strategy.

That’s the power of accelerating profits.

And the fantastic thing about this strategy is that it works anytime.

It doesn’t matter if stocks are going up or down. Or if we’re in a recession or not. If Charles finds a buying opportunity, it’s time to buy.

Given the financial wildfires over the past few years … and the uncertainty that lies ahead … this is exactly the kind of strategy you want working for you.

Like the banyan tree itself, our roots will only grow deeper and more robust with time. And I’m excited to share that Charles has just given us a new strong root system.

Charles is going live with his research tomorrow, January 16. He’ll be able to explain his strategy in full detail. It’s worth checking out as another tool for maximizing your wealth.

Learning, trading and investing with all our experts and using all their strategies is your investor edge as part of the Banyan Hill community.

Here’s to a strong — and profitable — 2024.

Aaron James

CEO, Banyan Hill Publishing and Money & Markets