From deepfakes and computer-generated images, to creating music and social media posts — ChatGPT can do it all.

We’ve gotten through the “novelty” phase of AI.

Now, we’re discovering the most practical ways this tech can actually make things easier for us.

The CEOs of OpenAI, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Airbnb all agree: Generative AI is an “explosive” technology.

So today, Amber Lancaster joins The Banyan Edge Podcast to break down three breakthrough AI innovations that will change our lives…

And of course, two of the best ways you can invest in the AI trend this year.


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Hot Topics in Today’s Podcast:

  • Amber shares what she learned from the 2023 Bloomberg Technology Summit: CEOs Sam Altman (OpenAI), Adam Selipsky (AWS) and Brian Chesky (Airbnb) all believe in the “explosive” power of generative AI. [2:10]
  • We’re still early in the AI boom! (Which is good for us as potential investors.) Generative AI revenue is projected to grow more than $1 trillion by 2032. [3:00]
  • Despite some of the pushback on AI, Chesky noted that it will create more jobs than it’ll destroy. [4:30]
  • Investing Opp. #1: Don’t miss out on Ian King’s new webinar. It’s about the present and future of AI — and his top AI stock pick for this year! The deadline to RSVP is today, so don’t wait! (Reserve your spot here.) [9:05]
  • Three AI innovations that could improve our lives, and in some cases, even save lives. [10:10]
  • Investing Opp. #2: Amber has been recommending this AI exchange-traded fund all year! [18:10]

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