This year’s big theme in the stock market?

Well, there isn’t one!

As soon as you think the market is moving one way, it changes to another.

Ted has said many times that external factors, such as COVID-19, the Federal Reserve and politics, drive the market. Fundamentals just don’t seem to count for much lately.

In today’s video, we try to make sense of what’s happening. We also reveal two quality exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that will provide refuge against these volatile times.

Quality Choices and Endless Income

What do we mean by a “quality” company?

It needs to be in a good market with strong tailwinds. It must sell essential goods. It must have a healthy balance sheet, actually be profitable and have a competitive advantage.

These are the kinds of companies we invest in in our Bauman Letter Endless Income model portfolio. And this year, we’ve been beating the market hands down.

In comparison with the Russell 2000 Index (with a 1.47% time-weighted rate of return), Endless Income is at 18.66%!

Watch now to also find out:

  • Why you shouldn’t worry about the market’s current lack of theme or direction — what we’re experiencing is normal.
  • The timeline of events that have led to this volatile secular bull market and what that tells us about the future.
  • Three determining factors that will influence where the market goes next.
  • The best choice of investment right now: U.S. domestic or exporter stocks?
  • And more.

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Good investing,

Angela Jirau
Publisher, The Bauman Letter