I practically fell out of my chair a few days ago when I read the Wizard of Omaha’s most recent utterances…

On Google: “I had plenty of ways to ask questions, or anything of the sort and educate myself. But I blew it.”

On Amazon: “I was too dumb to realize what was going to happen.”

Warren Buffett and his longtime investing sidekick, Charlie Munger, are smart-but-humble types. I’m not surprised at their well-deserved reputation for candor, honesty and razor-sharp investment insights.

But I am surprised that — after decades of avoiding tech stocks and downplaying their investment potential — two dogs of a certain age (I’m starting to get up there myself) can admit to learning a new trick or two about a sector they bashed for years.

Or perhaps they could have just listened to some experienced voices, such as Profits Unlimited Editor Paul .

Paul has been at the tech investing game since the 1990s. He knows what great tech franchises — the kinds of stocks that go up 1,000% — look like. Paul also knows what crazy investment bubbles look like. He’s been around.

With Buffett and Munger, I get the sense that their tech appetites were whetted by their investments in Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL). On Tuesday, Berkshire Hathaway confirmed what Buffett had been hinting about in recent media interviews: He and his lieutenants doubled their Apple holdings in the first quarter to 129 million shares worth $18.6 billion.

The shares are up more than 30% since the start of the year. But then again, this is a sector famous for its dramatic ups — and equally dramatic downs. The year isn’t even half over yet.

As Paul pointed out last summer, Wall Street has a “preference for accounting shenanigans and sleight of hand” — with Apple as a prime example.

His point? If you want fast growth and a stock that’s not going to go up by 30%, but by 300% or more — there are better places to look.

So, Warren? Call Paul.

Kind regards,

Jeff L. Yastine
Editor, Total Wealth Insider

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