Jumia Technologies (NYSE: JMIA), the Amazon of Africa, has doubled in price in three weeks.

Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) shares have soared 70% in two months.

Pinterest Inc. (NYSE: PINS) shot up 58% in a little over a month.

These are some big and rapid double-digit moves. But the stocks should sound familiar. I’ve touched on each of them in my Quick Takes YouTube videos over the past two months.

And each one was on my Bank It list — meaning I predicted these were stocks that would head higher.

That’s the common theme throughout my YouTube videos. I highlight the stocks I believe are heading higher. Once you know the direction the stock is heading, then you know exactly how to trade it.

You want to be bullish on stocks expected to head higher. It sounds like common sense, but it’s an investing mentality that few have.

Because when there is a dip or pullback, it can be tough to hold on to this idea. It gets intense. Stocks are whipsawing, and it’s easy to get nervous. The last thing you want to do is bail on a perfectly good stock.

My goal with these videos is to help you to avoid that.

I want to help you understand where these stocks are heading — higher or lower — and when to take advantage of it.

In my latest Quick Takes video, we’ll breakdown five more stocks on my Bank It or Tank It list in just five minutes — Vuzix Corp. Nasdaq: VUZI), LHC Group (Nasdaq: LHC), RingCentral Inc. (NYSE: RNG) and more.

Click below to watch it now.

Find Big Gains on Any Stock

Seeing a stock jump 100% in a matter of weeks is impressive.

But it’s not that common for a stock to move that high that fast.

The 500 largest stocks in the U.S., those in the S&P 500 Index, average roughly just a 10% annual return.

That’s because even as a few stocks surge, others fall. The overall return for the entire S&P 500 index balances out at 10%.

This index is made up of only large cap, very liquid stocks.

The smaller cap stocks and volatile companies such as Pinterest, Tesla and Jumia offer more upside, but also more risk. Some companies like these simply won’t survive.

That’s why my favorite way to trade is using options.

I don’t have to pick and choose between extremely volatile stocks that are not widely covered or even understood. Options give us the opportunity to rack up big gains like this … but on large, very liquid stocks that you see and use every day.

A company like Facebook Inc., the social media company, handed my readers a shot at a 50% return in less than a week.

Or Apple Inc., the third-largest U.S. stock, where we just saw a 125% gain in less than two weeks.

And Pfizer Inc., the pharmaceutical giant, that delivered a 142% profit in about a month.

These are all huge stocks. They’re not usually associated with 50% to 150% moves in a matter of weeks.

But, by trading options with a profitable strategy, we are targeting gains like this every month.

And I want everyone to see these same results.

That’s why I put together a brief training video to bring everyone up to speed on the easiest way to profit from blue-chip stocks.

Click here to check it out.

Chad Shoop
Chad Shoop, CMT

Editor, Quick Hit Profits