There’s a whole new kind of Mafia running today’s stock market, and their loose-knit organization is one of the most profitable in financial history.

Operating behind the scenes, this small group of investors and entrepreneurs has transformed the tech landscape.

Their power and influence reach far further than most of us realize.

And their meetings “behind closed doors” can determine the fate of whole Fortune 500 companies.

This new organization obviously doesn’t operate like the Mafia we know.

Instead of violence, they prefer hostile takeovers. They’re more into “creative destruction” than actual arson.

They don’t look like the Mafia we know, either…

Instead of tailored suits and wingtip loafers, they wear baggy t-shirts, gym shorts and Rainbow sandals.

Their earnings are beyond compare as well — routinely raking in millions or even billions in profits, time and again.

They’re called the “PayPal Mafia.”

And keeping up with their moves can lead to quick tech profits…

Like most great Silicon Valley stories, the PayPal Mafia began with a bold new idea.

Two friends were going to harness the power of cutting-edge technology and create the “New World Currency.”

So they founded the company that would eventually become PayPal.

But when it came to building out their original team, they had a very unique approach…

For example, during one interview, a candidate was asked what they liked to do for fun. The young man smiled and said he loved shooting some hoops to blow off steam.

“We can’t hire the guy,” one of the founders later said. “Everyone I knew in college who liked to play hoops was an idiot.”

At the same time, ping-pong skills were considered a must.

PayPal’s founders had a very specific type of person they wanted to hire. People who were just like them.

That meant no frat boys. No MBAs. No jocks.

“Google wanted to hire PhDs,” explained one early member. “PayPal wanted to hire people who got into PhD programs and dropped out.”

Thus, the PayPal Mafia was born.

At first, they were just a group of oddball coders who all worked 16 hours a day and slept under their desks. They lived off junk food and settled in-office disputes with impromptu wrestling bouts.

And — most importantly — they did nothing other than work together to build their business.

After a few short years together, the PayPal Mafia sold their business to eBay for $1.5 billion in stock.

The rest, as they say, is history…

PayPal’s early team stayed in close contact, frequently working together on one tech breakthrough after another.

All over the internet, from social media sites like Pinterest and Reddit to “gig economy” platforms like Uber and Postmates, you’ll find the PayPal Mafia.

Sometimes they’re early investors. Sometimes they’re board members or executives.

But over the last two decades, they’ve been involved in many of the sector’s biggest fundamental breakthroughs.

YouTube, Yelp and LinkedIn were all founded by members of the PayPal Mafia.

And through their various investment funds, they’ve invested in thousands of different startups that could become the next PayPal.

The “PayPal Mafia” is Behind Big Tech, Big Funds and Even Hollywood Films

The “PayPal Mafia” is Behind Big Tech, Big Funds, and Even Hollywood Films

So what started as a group of talented misfit coders has grown over time into a network of billionaire visionaries.

They now have decades of experience working together. Their reputation precedes them everywhere they go. And now, they’re setting their sights on a whole new industry.

The PayPal Mafia’s Next Big Racket

After conquering countless internet trends, the PayPal Mafia has decided to aim even higher.

Several members are now diving into a single stock that’s set to lead the AI revolution as it adds $200 trillion to the global economy.

PayPal’s founder has even called this company “the Next Google.”

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