Time magazine called him one of America’s top five governors…

He stood up for minorities and the elderly.

His response to the disaster of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 is still an example for leaders to follow.

And on Tuesday night, Sarah, his daughter, became the first woman governor of Arkansas.

But when I first met former Governor Mike Huckabee a few years ago, he was deeply concerned.

He was worried about the market.

He regretted making a few bad investments.

And he asked me: “Should I buy stocks now … or wait for later?”

I shared with him that it’s not the right question to ask, and here’s why…

Because of Wall Street and the media, we are conditioned to think of stocks as lottery tickets.

Nothing more than a way to get rich quick.

But over the past year, the stock market hasn’t been the place for most investors to make money.

During the pandemic, stocks did seem like a great way to get rich quick … but those days are over.

Many of those stocks have crashed and burned.

They had no profits, no sustainable business model and no reason to be in business.

I don’t look at stocks as lottery tickets.

Because stocks are really a piece of a business.

By buying shares, you’re essentially becoming a partner with that business.

You can pick any business you want — so why partner with some fly-by-night tech company that doesn’t really have anything to offer?

Why not partner with great businesses that are underpriced by the market?

It’s not rocket science.

And there’s always going to be some reason not to buy — or even sell your shares.

Take a look at all the reasons you had to sell your shares in the 2010s … all while the market rose nearly 500%:

So yes, it’s the right time to be buying shares.

As long as you’re getting bargain prices on great businesses, and you’re ready to be patient, you can succeed.

When I shared this simple fact with Mike Huckabee, it was like a weight off his shoulders.

It changed his whole approach to investing.

“I don’t have to lose a wink of sleep about my stocks,” he later told me.

And that kind of freedom is what it’s all about.

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Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi

Founder, Alpha Investor


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