2021 was a record-breaking year in space.

We saw an unprecedented 146 launch attempts.

Even more impressively, 135 of those launches were successful.

At one point in the year, there were a record 19 people in space at the same time.

What’s more interesting is that eight of those people were private citizens.

One of them was Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise — William Shatner.

The noteworthy events in space even went beyond Earth’s orbit.

The U.S., China and the United Arab Emirates got their respective probes and rovers to Mars.

Finally, we ended the year by launching the world’s most powerful telescope.

But as impressive as 2021 was, this year is set to be even bigger.

Government Interest in Space Is Growing

One thing to keep an eye on in 2022 is the space race that’s accelerating across the globe.

The big reason for this is China’s increasing presence in space.

China had the most launches for the first time in 2021.

space launches in 2021 by country

(Source: Space Launch Report.)

China will complete its space station and test new rockets in 2022. It will also continue to work on its Mars missions.

The U.S., India and South Korea are ramping up in response to this:

  • In 2022 the U.S. expects to increase NASA’s budget by 6.6%. It will also boost the Department of Defense’s space budget by 13.8%.
  • India is set to launch three test flights and is gearing up for its first manned space mission.
  • South Korea is seeking a $553 million budget for fields like quantum computing and 6G internet.

Businesses Haven’t Lost Their 2021 Momentum

Of course, governments aren’t the only ones interested in space.

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is flying six more sub-orbital flights.

And Elon Musk’s SpaceX is launching more satellites for satellite internet.

But in 2022, we’ll see even more companies expand into space:

  • Maxar Technologies is launching two new satellites.
  • Amazon is entering the satellite internet business with two prototype launches this year.
  • SpaceX will be launching its Starship spacecraft into space for the first time. That will pave the way for future missions to the moon and Mars.

This is far from an exhaustive list, and the opportunities in space are endless.

Bank of America forecasts the market will grow 2.7X by 2030.

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You’ll find a company that focuses on space data analytics.

There’s also a company set to profit from its satellite network.


Andrew Prince

Research Analyst, Strategic Fortunes


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Ree Automotive Ltd. (Nasdaq: REE) operates in the e-mobility business and builds modular electric vehicle chassis platforms. It is up 10% after announcing that it is starting trials of its all-new electric P7 platform designed for commercial delivery vehicles and walk-in vans.


Crescent Point Energy Corp. (NYSE: CPG) explores, develops and produces light and medium crude oil and natural gas reserves. It is an oil and gas stock that is up 9% along with several others as oil prices rise after Tuesday’s OPEC+ decision.


Kanzhun Ltd. (Nasdaq: BZ) operates an online recruitment platform for job seekers and employers in China. it is up 8% on a bounce-back with other Chinese tech and internet stocks after they sank on news of Tencent selling its shares of Sea Limited and Cathie Woods selling shares of PinDuoDuo from the Ark Fintech Innovation fund.


Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. (NYSE: CLF) operates as a flat-rolled steel producer in North America. It is up 8% as part of a broader uptrend in steel stocks after the sector went through a bit of a correction period over the last few months.


Cameco Corp. (NYSE: CCJ) produces and sells uranium. It is another uranium stock that is up 8% today as part of the broader market move in uranium stocks.


Cassava Sciences Inc. (Nasdaq: SAVA) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that develops drugs for neurodegenerative diseases. It is up 8% this morning with no significant news driving the move.


Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd. (OTC: HNHPF) provides technology solutions for various applications across the globe. It is up 7% on the news that Google is acquiring a stake in one of its subsidiaries to advance its opportunities in the metaverse.


Nucor Corp. (NYSE: NUE) manufactures and sells steel and steel products. It is another steel stock that is up 7% on the broader rally in steel stocks.


Inspire Medical Systems Inc. (NYSE: INSP) focuses on the development and commercialization of minimally invasive solutions for patients with obstructive sleep apnea. It is up 6% after reporting preliminary results for Q4 and 2021 showing rising demand for its solutions.