The Metaverse Doesn't Need Meta Social Network Meme

We Don’t Need No Meta Nation

We don’t need no … Zuck control.

Doo-ba-dee-dah … something something.

Ahhh, must be Sunday morning again.

Welcome! Glad you could join us. We’d never leave you out of the incessant nonsensical rambling. This is Great Stuff — no one gets left behind, right?

But out in the metaverse? Phew! Not even Meta (Nasdaq: FB) is wanted in the metaverse anymore.

There’s something about Meta that rubs investors and metaverse mavens the wrong way, no matter how hard the firm formerly known as Facebook slaps Meta on everything — including its Oculus division, which is literally the best-known name in virtual reality.

But whatever … you do you, Meta.

Are You Two Friends Star Trek Meta Metaverse Meme

And Wall Street will, well, do Wall Street. Behold — the first anti-Meta metaverse ETF has arrived!

Want to invest in the endless virtual ether without all of the Facebook baggage?

Do you have a disdain for Zuckerberg like the Turners hate the Dinklebergs?

Then the Subversive Metaverse ETF (NYSE: PUNK) might scratch that digital jock itch of yours.

My what now?!

As Founder Michael Auerbach explains: “Facebook seems to be the antithesis of what actual consumers want their digital futures to look like. Mark and his team are not the best custodians of our digital futures.”

Wow, dig the knife in even deeper, why don’t you? Since Auerbach has no problem saying the quiet part out loud concerning Facebook — er, Meta — the fund won’t just avoid Meta stock — it’ll short the sucker.

Not to mention, PUNK’s actual holdings look remarkably similar to all of our recent metaverse discussions, namely with stakes in Roblox and Microsoft.

Now, before all y’all ask — no, this is not an official Great Stuff Pick. If you want to stick it to the Zuck like the suburban PUNK you are, go right ahead as long as it fits your risk tolerance … yada yada.

Either way, let me know: Do you think the anti-Meta movement has legs? How deep into the metaverse rabbit hole do you want to go? Oh, and if you’re not down with the metaverse … why not enter the cryptoverse instead?

Send your hot takes and spit takes to, and we’ll catch up with you next week!

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