Cure EV Investing Close to me meme

EVs Down On Fascination Street

I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of EVs … that I almost believe that they’re real.

We’ve been living so long with predictions of EVs that I almost believe that predictions are all that I can feel…

The Smiths on Thursday, The Cure today … y’all are leaning hard into this moody ‘80s kick. Everything OK?

I’m fine. Really. Don’t ask. *Sniffle* I don’t wanna talk about it.

What we do need to talk about is the cure — for the electric vehicle (EV) market’s supply crunch, at least.

Unlike Great Stuff, cars aren’t powered by the bleak-yet-soulful lyrics of Robert Smith and company. (Then why did my old Toyota eat my Head On The Door tape, hmm? HMM?!)

See, one material is mission-critical to EVs going mainstream. Access to it is as critical to the EV market as oil is to the 1 billion gas guzzlers in the world today.

Without it, the EV market’s growth will face a … dare I say it… Disintegration?

Inbetween without you … without you!

That’s what I’m saying!

According to Ian King, this material is more critical than lithium — and right now, only one company supplies it on a massive level in the entire Western Hemisphere.

So, go on, go on. Just click away. Go on, go on. Click here to find out more — today!

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