Evil Kermit Wanna Trade Some Options Meme

Pandora’s Box Of Options

Whale whale whale, would you look at what time it is!

Oh no, he’s gonna say it…

No, no, we already had our tax season reminder shenanigans last week. And even we humble bean counters don’t want to talk about the IRS that much…

We gotta mention the other other thing you should do with your finances right now — at least as far as your portfolio is concerned. See, ‘tis the less-joyous of the seasons: the season of volatility.

If you stopped looking at your portfolio earlier in the week after the market’s beat-down … it’s probably best that you stayed away from the carnage. Unless…

What if I told you that you could actually trade your way through volatility and through times of complete market boredom?

Oh no, he’s gonna say it…

Options. Trading. *Distant screaming*

Ever since we let Mr. Great Stuff open Pandora’s box of options (phrasing?), it’s been options Armageddon over here in the trading pit. And if you tuned into yesterday’s Great Stuff, you’ll have learned all about how we use these types of trades for, well … you name the situation.

Stonks going up? Options. Everything’s on fire? You bet I’m using options. The market’s just sitting there doing nothing, like it does 80% of the time? It’s your boy … options again.

So, if trading is on your mind, I’m the first in line. Honey, Great Stuff’s free … so take a chance on me.

If you need investing advice, I’m gonna be around. If you’ve got no options knowledge … when your positions are down … take a chance on me! Or, you know, catch up via our Options 101 Guide.

But for those of you who’re ready to dive headfirst down the options rabbit hole and see how far down it goes … first, buckle up. Everything you need to know is right here.

And when you’re done looking at that, here are a few other market morsels you might’ve missed this past week:

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