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The SEC Plays Hyzon Seek

Great Ones, I’m sure you’re all wondering about Great Stuff Pick’s most controversial stock today: Hyzon Motors (Nasdaq: HYZN).

In case you haven’t already heard, Hyzon announced that it received a subpoena from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC subpoena seeks documents and information regarding Blue Orca Capital’s short seller report on Hyzon way back in October 2021.

You know, the report that Blue Orca put together without even reading any of Hyzon’s SEC filings?

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The one that Hyzon blasted as “inaccurate and misleading” and “intended solely to generate profits on Blue Orca’s short position at the expense of Hyzon’s long-term shareholders?”

Yeah, that report.

Well, Hyzon announced that it’s fully cooperating with the SEC’s investigation. And if you want my opinion on this new wrinkle, I have just two things to say:

1. There is nothing to worry about here. Hyzon has already addressed everything and has nothing to hide, as Blue Orca would’ve found out if it had only talked with Hyzon when writing its report. But accuracy isn’t what Blue Orca was going for — it was going for profits at Hyzon’s expense.

2. It took the SEC less than a month to subpoena Nikola (Nasdaq: NKLA) for information, whereas it’s been nearly four months since the Hyzon short seller report came out. This caution by the SEC speaks to the veracity of Hyzon’s rebuttal, in my humble opinion.

In short, the SEC’s subpoena is a big nothingburger. There’s nothing to see here but a greedy short seller stoking fear and a government agency doing its due diligence. It’s time to move on … but try telling that to Wall Street.

News of the SEC subpoena sent HYZN stock down more than 13% in premarket trading and forced the shares to close down nearly 10% today.

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Surprisingly, however, there was news that should have impacted HYZN stock today … but Wall Street was too distracted by the SEC news to notice.

Specifically, Hyzon announced that it delivered 87 hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) vehicles in 2021, exceeding forecasts for 85 vehicles. What’s more, the deliveries report did not include any trial leases or rentals — hinting that produced HFCs could’ve been higher.

Now, some of you might notice that Hyzon indicated that 2021 financial results would reflect lower average selling prices. This is due to the same supply-chain and manufacturing issues facing all other automakers and manufacturers.

It’s also due to Hyzon shifting its focus away from hydrogen-hesitant North America — seriously, guys, it’s way past time to get over the Hindenburg — and focusing on Asian markets where selling prices are broadly lower.

If there were a reason to sell HYZN stock today, this would kinda be it … but most of this was already known information anyway.

But while 2021 was rough all around, CEO Craig Knight is hyped about 2022:

As Hyzon completes compliance and homologation requirements for vehicles in North America and Australasia, government support for hydrogen steadily grows, and commercial understanding of fuel cell electric vehicles’ unique suitability for heavy transport increases. Hyzon aims to make 2022 a watershed year for hydrogen in heavy mobility.

Remember, Great Ones: Traditional EVs with their lithium-ion batteries lose power and mileage in cold weather while losing battery life in hot weather. HFCs are superior in both, which means Hyzon’s focus on HFCs for heavy-duty trucks is the right move for any business looking to futureproof their fleet.

What’s that? You want more info on hydrogen-powered vehicles? I’ve got you covered, fam:

  “The Truth About Hydrogen.”

• Hydrogen: It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas!

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  “Best: Great Stuff Picks Hyzon Motors.”

What all this means is that Great Stuff Picks readers who bought HYZN stock should continue to hold — assuming the stock still meets your risk tolerance. I’d never tell you to buy or hold onto a stock that makes you uncomfortable.

But, if you’re gassing on HFCs and believe, as I do, that hydrogen power is the future, then keep holding HYZN stock. Heck … with today’s drop, you might even want to add a few shares on the cheap. Doing so is not only a bargain, it allows you to average down on your total HYZN stock position.

So, you do you … you’re the only one who can, after all.

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Going, Going...Gone!

The Good: Generally Used Motors

Johnny Bravo GM CarBravo Meme

You ever wake up one morning and decide you want to get into the used-car game? Anyone? No? Good thing you don’t work for General Motors (NYSE: GM), then.

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, GM just announced the launch of a new app that will pair people with the used cars of their dreams … GM-manufactured or otherwise.

Considering how many used GM dealerships there are just in my neck of the woods, I can already see the company’s platform taking off like a moonshot, especially if the app gives people more choices and access to cars that aren’t located on one of their local lots.

In fact, the only issue I have with GM’s new digital digs is the company’s app name: CarBravo.

Really, GM? That’s the best your marketing team could come up with? Will I also be forced to work with a salesperson who says things like: “Wanna see me comb my hair, really fast?” and “I do my best work when I’m being worshiped like a god.”

For GM shareholders’ sake, I hope not.

The Bad: Blasting Biogen

Dory Finding Nemo Aduhelm Biogen Meme

The bad news keeps coming for banged-up Biogen (Nasdaq: BIIB), the maker of controversial Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm that’s been shown to be “reasonably likely to result in a clinical benefit” against the amyloid beta plaques linked to the progressive memory disease.

(Note: Aduhelm doesn’t really fight Alzheimer’s or the dementia that accompanies it … which is probably the reason behind the drug’s $28,000 price cut. Just sayin.)

While ball-busting Biogen news tends to come out of the company’s own camp, this morning, the latest blow came from none other than the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Basically, Medicare is limiting access to Biogen’s newly approved “Alzheimer’s” drug to patients who’re enrolled in clinical trials for the disease. In turn, this will severely limit the number of people who can take Aduhelm by a lot … as if the drug’s $28,000 price tag hadn’t already done the trick.

Furthermore, the ruling could dissuade doctors from prescribing the drug because of all the new loopholes patients will need to jump through just to get it. And seeing as Aduhelm is the main drug in Biogen’s pipeline, this could severely hurt the company’s profitability going forward … again, by a lot.

BIIB investors started dumping shares almost immediately after discovering this latest speed bump, which resulted in an 8% drop in Biogen’s share price. But if memory serves, this probably won’t be the last time that Biogen’s on blast.

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The Ugly: Take My Breath Away

Philips CPAP Mask Aliens Face Hugger Meme

“But don’t make it last forever, babe.” — Users of Philips’ (NYSE: PHG) CPAP machines, probably…

Yeah, so … if any of you sleep-apnea affected Great Ones have been using Dutch health care giant Philips’ ventilators to … well, hold on for one more day … you might want to check that your machine wasn’t one of an estimated 5.2 million devices that were just recalled due to “cancer-causing particles.”

Apparently, this latest recall is part of an ongoing saga that started last year, when it was discovered that certain CPAP and BiPAP machines made by Philips posed health risks to patients. I mean, they still do … but they used to too.

Thankfully, good guy Philips is finding it “difficult to deny a patient with an older [cancer-causing] unit a repair, if they are still using it,” and will replace your mutated machine if you ask for one. That’s peak customer service, right there.

This latest news also comes on the heels of weakening fourth-quarter sales figures for Philips, which the company expects to be 10% lower than last year. Why the weakening? You guessed it: Supply chain issues.

When is the answer not supply chain issues?

At this rate, any machine parts that Philips manages to snag should go toward its replacement machines first and foremost and not brand-new orders, which could dent the Dutch ventilator deliverer even further.

No wonder PHG stock was down almost 16% today… Ouch.

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