In these economic times, we’re living in a land of “scarcity.”

But on today’s episode of The Banyan Edge Podcast, our special guest is real estate investment expert Ronan McMahon.

He sees incredible opportunity in the land of real estate — especially in South and Central America.

Find out more about how he helps subscribers of his newsletter, Real Estate Trend Alert (RETA), find incredible investments…


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Hot Topics in Today’s Podcast:

  • How Ronan sees “scarcity versus opportunity” in real estate investing. [8:00]
  • The main purpose of RETA, and how it helps subscribers meet their investing goals. [9:10]
  • Ronan’s latest real estate projects in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. [12:40]
  • What are the actual gross yields on some of these home investments? [20:00]

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Learn more about real estate investing with Ronan McMahon

If you’re interested in diversifying your investment portfolio with real estate, don’t let this market scare you.

There’s plenty of opportunity to be had — and for an affordable price!

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