We’ve all seen “shakeouts” in the market.

This happens every time we see negative headlines, bad earnings or a global situation going south.

Stock prices get hit.

They get hit hard.

Every time we see a panic in the market, there’s a shakeout as investors play into the chaos and sell.

We saw it play out earlier this year.

A one-off event, COVID-19 lockdowns, caused a plunge in the markets. Investors were selling stocks left and right.

But here we are eight short months later, and many of those same stocks are now back to their previous highs without breaking a sweat.

Chart showing that stocks fell nearly 30% in March ... before rising 40% by August

It took guts to stay in your positions when the market was going haywire. But it paid off big time. Those that didn’t let the market shake them out saw their accounts hit new highs a few months later.

This year, it was COVID-19. But there’s always some event making some group of stocks get shaken out.

It could be terrorist attacks, earnings recessions, oil prices crashing … the list goes on. There’s always a reason to sell.

Today, I want to tell you how to prepare for those events, and eventually profit.

Here’s how…

Ask Yourself: How Does Bad News Impact My Stocks?

My friend and colleague Charles Mizrahi always says that stocks are pieces of a business.

And when negative headlines begin to gain steam, it’s an important fact to remember.

He’s used this simple insight to make money hand over fist when these shakeouts occur.

After all, does one event define how well a company is doing in the long term?

Absolutely not.

In fact, most of the time, the bad press is just a very small, very temporary setback.

Here’s what I want you to do as an investor…

Every time panic hits the market, ask yourself how it impacts your stock.

Not the economy, not your personal life … How does it affect the actual operations of the company whose stock you own?

If there’s not a directly negative impact to the company, then ignore the news.

They say bull markets “climb a wall of worry” for a reason. Every few days, you’ll see a headline or piece of news that sounds like a great reason to sell everything.

Ignore it.

Stay in the game by ignoring the news and you’ll do much better in the long run.

It’s not easy to ignore the headlines. Otherwise, we wouldn’t see the shakeouts occur so often.

While the smart investors stay invested, there are always some investors who get shaken out of their holdings due to the headlines.

Since shakeouts occur all the time, there’s an easy way to profit even if you don’t own shares of the stock.

Time to Profit

It’s time to profit from these shakeouts.

When a stock — for whatever temporary reason — plummets 10% … 20% … even as much as 50% … it’s time to zero in on the opportunity.

We don’t just buy any beaten-down stock. Some price drops are well-deserved, and we don’t want to touch them.

An easy way to sidestep some of these falling knives (that’s finance speak for stocks that are going to keep on falling) is to focus on great companies in great industries.

We don’t want to chase penny stocks or industries that are becoming obsolete.

I only want to trade the biggest and best companies — ones in explosive industries with tail winds that last for generations. Trends like electric vehicles, self-driving cars, automation and advances in gene editing.

These are mega trends that are set to power our economy forward for generations to come.

Yet, the stocks that are set to benefit the most from these mega trends fluctuate from month to month at prices that simply don’t make sense.

It’s a mispricing that may only last a few days or several weeks. But when those stocks fall, I get excited.

Because it’s the perfect time to jump in for a quick profit.

I don’t want to just “ride out” these shakeouts … I want to go further and put us in a position to profit from them.

I’ve created a proprietary research strategy designed specifically for these shakeouts.

It’s called Shakeout Profits.

We haven’t brought it to the public yet because we’re still working on some minor details.

But you can get access so that as soon as we’ve launched it to the public, you’ll be first in line. This will be my biggest project in 2021.

And the only way to get this early bird access is by becoming a charter member of the American Investor Alliance. Click here to get the details today.


Chad Shoop

Chad Shoop, CMT

Editor, Quick Hit Profits